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Carpet Tools

Carpet Knee Kicker

Use this to position new carpet. Our carpet knee kicker comes with adjustable pin depth and features telescoping, steel tubes for length adjustment.


Carpet Power Stretcher

The Crain Power Stretcher has all of the features that you would expect in a power stretcher. It comes complete with an adjustable locking power head, Auto-Lok tube, 3 extension tube sections, 1 transfer tube section, speed roller tail block, and your choice of cases. Adjusts from 35" to 22 ft. and can be lengthened by adding additional extension tubes.


Carpet Seam Iron

The carpet seam iron includes great features like a 900 Watt, heavy-duty heating element for fast heat-up, a 5-setting thermostat, and a fully grooved base.


Carpet Seam Roller (Tractor)

The carpet seam roller blends yarn in new seams and repairs seams and can be used on all types of carpet. The easy-to-grip, contoured design reduces stress on hand and wrist. Because it only weighs 1.8 lbs you’ll be able to use it without getting tired until the job is done.


Carpet Stair Claw

This carpet stair claw is specially designed to make stapling easier and makes Hollywood Stairs easier. The pulling action stretches the carpet while bottom side tucks carpet under stair nose. The recesses in bottom edge make for easy stapling.




Carpet Stapler

Duofast's Carpet Pro stapler is a proven winner for its power, durability, and economical pricing. It uses standard , Duo Fast No. 5418 or No. 5415 electric tacker staples (or generics) and features a powerful 11 amp solenoid that drives into hardwoods, a jam-resistant magazine that holds 100 staples, and an easy-access driver channel for quick removal of broken staples. The Carpet Pro has also been designed to make your work easier. Low overall height fits under stair risers. Its pointed tip easily parts carpet yarns and is also equipped with a trigger-lock for safety.


Carpet Tear Out Cutter

No. 265 Stand-Up Cutter

The Stand-Up Cutter slices glued-down carpet into narrow strips for faster removal, and works great for rapid rough cutting of carpet off the roll. It comes with a sharp, hardened steel point with a precision-machined slot for guiding a utility blade. The point easily punctures the glued-down carpet for fast starts. Afterwards, as the point is pushed, it rides on the subfloor and lifts the carpet to the utility blade where it is cut. The heavy-duty fiberglass handle telescopes in length from 50" to 85" to maintain optimal cutting angle, and double locks for safety. Takes standard utility blades (No. 295) or hook blades (No. 996). Replacement point: No. 266. Net weight: 3 lbs.


Carpet Wall Trimmer

This trimmer is greatly improved with top-loading blade carriers, so blade changes are faster and easier. Obstructions in the throat area have also been reduced for a smoother cutting action. Comes with height adjustment, and visual throat adjustment from the base for all kinds of carpet. The wall runner is treated with a non-skid material and is angled outward for minimum wall contact.

Top-loading blade for fast and easy blade changes.

Open throat design for smooth cutting.


Carpet Wedge Tool

. The square edge works well for tucking carpet into corners and along walls.