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DYNAPAC (CC900G) Ride-On Roller

The CC900G is a small asphalt roller with a drum width of 36in. This machine is equipped with a powerful Honda engine which, together with the large drum diameter and drive motors connected in series, contributes to excellent accessibility and hill-climbing capacity. It's primarily used for small-scale compaction work such as pavements, cycle paths, small roads and small parking areas. CC900G has vibration on the front drum and a static rear drum. This machine is not CE-certified.



10 X 10 Hand Tamper-Steel Handle

EDI: 10343
Manufacturer part number: HT10



This Multiquip rammer is designed to compact cohesive, mixed and granular soils in confined areas. Ideally suited for compaction of backfill around foundations and forms, subgrades underneath footings and base preparation for concrete work such as slabs, curbs and gutters. Also useful for various utility and municipality related jobsites for compaction over pipelines, gas and cable trenches and base preparation for patching of streets and sidewalks. Four stroke engine doesn't require mixing of oil and fuel.


Packer Plate

The Dynapac Plate Compactor features a comprehensive range of forward plates that are specially designed for compacting asphalt and granular soils. They are ideal and most economical for small repair and maintenance work, such as driveways and pathways, parking lots and back-filling in trenches. Forward plates are also a complement to rollers that may not be able to operate effectively in confined spaces. The range of forward and reverse plates are an economical alternative or complement to a roller. These machines are specially designed to compact soil in confined areas, such as in trenches and parking lots.


Sheepsfoot Roller Packer

The RT 82-SC Vibratory Trench Roller is a smart trench roller for tough compaction applications. WACKER's articulated trench rollers feature a dual joystick control box for easy steering. This "Smart Control" (SC) system uses an infrared signal with line-of-sight control for added safety. If the operator comes within 3.3 feet (1 meter) of the roller's front or rear sensing eye with the control box, the unit will stop moving and vibrating. A smart machine for any jobsite.