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Floor Care Products

Carpet Cleaner Shampoo

This Pioneer carpet cleaner compliments our SilverStar line of carpet cleaners. This carpet cleaner is sold in quarts, 1/2 gallon, and 1-gallon amounts.

  • No Defoamer Required
  • Lemon Scented for Deodorizing
  • Cleaning Continues as You Vacuum
  • Special Brighteners to Enhance Color
  • Use in All Hot Water Extractors
  • Heavy Duty Highly Concentrated Formula
  • Compatible with 5th Generation Stain Resistant Carpet
  • Special Cleaning Agent Continues to Clean as Carpet Dries
  • Your Store Name, Address & Phone Number on Label with an Order of 6 or more Cases of Any Pioneer Supply Chemical Products - Mix and Match


Carpet Urine Rx Stain Treatment

Urine Rx utilizes special bacteria strains that actually digest complex proteins, fats and cellulose. Because the bacteria strains eat the source of the odor, they removes what was once considered permanent. This carpet treatment is most popular for removing all types of urine odors.