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Floor Strippers & Surface Preparation

Welded, unitized frame. Adjustable operator handle folds for transport. Direct-drive, random orbit action; 14 lbs external weight. Includes 1 each, part number FCS16-1100, 4" x 6" straight blade 1 each, part number FCS16-1300, 3" x 10" straight blade

16 Gal HEPA Wet Dry DustlessVac

The Dustless HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum gives you a distinct advantage by enabling you to switch from dry to wet operation without worrying about;getting the valuable HEPA filter wet. A protective baffle/wall inside the canister protects the HEPA filter from water.


Carpet Tear Out Cutter

No. 265 Stand-Up Cutter

The Stand-Up Cutter slices glued-down carpet into narrow strips for faster removal, and works great for rapid rough cutting of carpet off the roll. It comes with a sharp, hardened steel point with a precision-machined slot for guiding a utility blade. The point easily punctures the glued-down carpet for fast starts. Afterwards, as the point is pushed, it rides on the subfloor and lifts the carpet to the utility blade where it is cut. The heavy-duty fiberglass handle telescopes in length from 50" to 85" to maintain optimal cutting angle, and double locks for safety. Takes standard utility blades (No. 295) or hook blades (No. 996). Replacement point: No. 266. Net weight: 3 lbs.


Floor Stripper Hand T Handle

This is a standard, heavy-duty T handle floor scraper. The blades in this unit are interchangeable; however, additional blades are extra. Call for pricing.


General Heavy Duty Floor Stripper

FCS16 Rip-R-Stripper®, an electric-powered, floor-covering scraper. This product is ideal for removing such materials as carpet, ceramic tile, and linoleum. The Rip-R-Stripper offers high productivity, ergonomic design and multiple removal accessories.


Lil’ Eddy Floor Stripper

Don’t struggle anymore with floor covering preparation. The Lil’ Eddy Floor Stripper removes: carpeting, under padding, asbestos and vinyl tiles, glue, and more. This unit is easy to handle and the blades are removable and easy to replace. Be amazed at how quickly you can work in regular rooms or on the stairs. Because this is so light (32lbs [14.54Kg]), it’s ideal for new floor covering preparation. The unit is available in 110V or 220V.



Pacific Floorcare’s patented orbital scrubbing technology truly delineates itself with its chemical-free finish removal capabilities; delivering massive labor and material cost reductions and improved indoor air quality versus traditional stripping methods.  However, with the competitive orbital scrubbers on the market having extremely high costs of ownership due to frequent break-downs, limited warranty coverage or required service intervals to keep from voiding warranty coverage, a lot of those savings are given back.

Not anymore.  The new S-20 orbital scrubber from Pacific Floorcare® delivers on both fronts.  It has the highest down pressure in the 10-gallon (38-liter), 20-inch (510 mm) orbital category and is the only one protected by a comprehensive machine warranty and a 2-year / 1,200 hour isolator warranty (competitors call these “wear items”).  From unmatched cleaning specifications to industry-first technologies to industry-best warranty protection, the S-20 orbital gets the job done – at a price you can afford.  This machine’s “get it done” features and options include:

  • 75 & 100 lb (34 & 45 kg) down pressure – the top in the 10-gallon (38-liter), 20-inch (510 mm) orbital scrubber class
  • 2-year / 1,200 orbital isolator warranty
  • BatteryShield® - the first integrated automatic wet battery protection system
  • 155 AH Wet Batteries – delivers max run times up to 4 hours
  • 60 dBA – low, "whisper quiet" operation offers anytime cleaning
  • Optional HydroLink® single-point battery watering system
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Scrape-Away 15"


  • The productive, economical, and environmentally safe method for scraping and preparing concrete floors
  • Equipped with 6 replaceable carbon steel cutter blades; each blade has 8 cutting edges; three replacement blades per set
  • Available in 15"