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Grills and Cookers

20qt Electric Roaster

From the #1 brand in roasters* and five star consumer rated**, the Oster® 20-Quart Roaster Oven is a must for holiday meals and entertaining. It's equipped to help make preparing your special occasion dinners easier in so many ways, including eliminating the extra work of hand-basting with a self-basting lid design. Because the lid also has a high-dome shape, a large turkey, up to 26 pounds, roasts in less space. Think about all the other dishes you can heat and cook in your kitchen oven while the turkey roasts perfectly in the Oster® Roaster Oven. Not only that, you'll save 30% more time for cooking and use 36% less energy than a traditional oven.ᶧ With the KEEP WARM setting, roasts stay at the perfect temperature for carving and serving while you put the finishing touches on the rest of the meal. Versatile to do more, this countertop oven also bakes and slow cooks as well, to prepare a variety of different foods, from the first course to dessert!


4-Burner Propane Grill

HIGH COOKING CAPACITY: You can feed everyone at your next party with one of these grills. Big John A-Series Portable Gas Grills are available in 3 sizes. Each size features a large cooking surface, powerful 20,000 Btu burners (two per grill grate) and lava rock to produce instant, intense heat at the flip of a switch.

SAFE: A-Series Portable Gas Grills are sturdy, reliable and safe. They are built around a double-wall stainless steel firebox that provides a sanitary, easy cleaning, corrosion resistant body designed to last a lifetime. They also feature a strong tubular steel frame to protect the grill body from damage, wind resistant low-pressure burner tubes and control valves that are recessed into the firebox safe from possible damage. We recommend using our Folding Leg Carts with these portable grills.

PORTABLE: Our Portable Gas Grills and Folding Leg Carts are popular with rental stores and off-premise caterers. Our compact design makes them easy to store, transport and set-up. They stack for easy storage. $40.00 DEPOSIT


Product Specifications (Specifications may change due to continuous product development)

Number of Burners: 4
Dimensions: 23" x 42"
Height: 12"
Cooking Size: 16.25" x 32.5"
Cooking Area: 528 sq. in.
Shipping Weight: 104 lbs.


8-Burner Propane Grill

A4CC Country Club Gas Grill with Stainless Steel Grates, Hood, Tank

Assembled Dimensions
• Cooking Surface: 65”L x 16 1/8”W (1,056 sq. inches)
• **PLEASE NOTE: All measurements are rough. Big John Grills recommends having equipment in hand for exact dimensions.**

Superior Components     (Learn More)
• 6’ low pressure hose
• Powerful 200,000 BTU low pressure regulator and 200,000 BTU Lime Green QCC (Quick Connect Coupler)
• 8 burner tubes rated at 20,000 BTU’s each and total grill BTU output of 160,000
• 8 adjustable, individually controlled, brass control valves with black knob
• Genuine Colorado lava rock, Ships with 4 bags (1 bag per section)
• 4 Stainless Steel Grates measuring 16 1/8”L x 16 1/8”W and weighing 11 lbs. each
• Double Walled Fire Box manufactured from 304 Type Stainless Steel
• Sturdy Tubular Steel Frame, welded to create 1 piece construction and designed to protect the grill body
• 1 - 30" Worthington Cylinder

• 2 - 4” Commercial Grade Swivel Casters, Solid Rubber with threaded stem, rated at 125 lbs. capacity each
• 2 - 8” Heavy Duty, Bolt-on Steering Wheels rated at 350 lbs. capacity each
• 950 lbs. Total wheel weight carrying capacity
• Total grill weight as pictured is 363 lbs.

• 30 lb. Tank Burn Time: 5-9 hours
• 40 lb. Tank Burn Time: 7-12 hours
• 100 lb. Tank Burn Time:12-18 hours


Charcoal Grill with Rotisserie

  • Stainless Steel Hardware: Our rotisseries use stainless steel hardware to hold the meat securely in place. We machine this hardware from high quality, type 304 stainless steel because it is durable, easy to clean, sanitary and will not rust.


  • Heat Control: Adjustable height end mounts can be raised and lowered in 1 inch increments from 13" to 24" for precise heat control. These end mounts support the spit's entire width and isolate the motor from damaging loads. Easy Operation: Powerful 1/20 hp. electric motor and reliable chain drive easily turns up to 125 lb. roasts at 6 rpm, the perfect speed for self-basting. Nobody builds rotisseries like Big John - insist on using the best! Some manufacturers use simple, direct-drive rotisseries which can overheat the motor by placing a heavy load on the gearbox bearings. NOT US! Big John's M-251 and M-35 rotisseries utilize a reliable chain drive that places the spits' entire weight onto two frame end mounts. This isolates the motor from these damaging loads allowing it to provide years of reliable and dependable service. Can be rented with or without rotisserie. $40 Deposit


Propane Commercial Deep Fryer

Stock Pot Cooker 80Qt

Sea Food & Fish Boil 
Is there a special occasion in your future? Celebrate by treating your guests to an extravagant Sea Food boil. Impressive yet easy to pull off, a sea food boil is sure to be a highlight of the summer. Our giant 80qt stockpot and matching burners are the perfect setup.With our 80qt pot you’ll be able to feed a crowd. The pot features a steamer insert to make serving easier. For something just as festive, but less expensive, this versatile pot are also great for a down home Louisiana crawfish boil or for a traditional Door County fish boil. Whether you choose lobster, crawfish or fish boil, you’re doing one-pot cooking at its best. Add corn and potatoes to the fish or seafood and in no time you have a memorable summertime meal.


Tow-Behind Stainless Steel Grill

The CC1000 is one of the most popular grills made by Blue Ridge Mountain Cookery, and has everything you need to make your next event a success. There are also many options available that will make this the grill you feel lost without!

  • 2’ x 5’ Stainless Steel Cooking Surface
  • Three 30,000 BTU burners
  • Tandem 20lb propane tanks
  • Fully powder-coated body
  • DOT-Approved trailer light package