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Electric Jackhammer 60 lb.

The powerful 12.2 amp motor makes this great for heavy-duty demolition. The H85 Demolition Hammer is a 73 lb, 1 1/8” hex jackhammer with an impact energy of 37.6 ft/lbs that can take on the toughest jobs. The oil bath lubrication system extends the tool’s life. An automatic oiling system with unique “air-pressure oil control” enables extended use without oiling. The auto-stop carbon brushes protect armature and extend the tool life.


Jackhammer Air #60 MPB-60A Paving Breaker

Our direct-impact, non-corrosive automatic valve design with its one-piece housing dramatically reduces air consumption. You can operate multiple tools from a single compressor.


Jackhammer Air #90 Jet

The Jet Tools 90 lb. Demo Hammer Features a large diameter, smooth-stroke piston, full control throttle, and four-bolt head-to-cylinder construction. There’s an efficient valve chest for low-maintenance, a drop-forged cylinder, chisel retainer latch, and rubber handle grips. All shank sizes accommodate standard steel. Recommended air pressure 90 PSI.


Jackhammer Atlas Copco Construction Tools - Cobra mk1 (1 1/8 x 6 shank)

The Cobra mk1 is the hardest hitting petrol-driven breaker on the market. It incorporates a number of unique design features. The vibration-dampened handle frame serves as both a protection against rough handling and a fuel tank, keeping the fuel away from the heat of the engine. Thanks to the patented leaf-spring construction, vibrations are down to an unprecedented 2.3 m/s2. Approved according to EPA 1, the Cobra mk1 meets the toughest emission requirements in the world.


Jackhammer Sullair Corp. - MCH-2 Chipping Hammer

This unique design reduces handle breakage. The common problem of a threaded handle-to-barrel connection coming loose and damaging the handle and internal parts has been eliminated. The strong “D” configuration is large enough to provide a comfortable, sure grip, even for a gloved hand. With its unique design and materials, normal oil carry-over from the compressor, combined with moisture in the air, will usually provide sufficient lubrication under normal operating conditions.

Product Specifications: (Specifications may change due to continuous product development)

Specifications, Weights and Dimensions


16 5/8 lbs.



Bore & Stroke

1 1/8" X 3"

Blows per Minute


Air Consumption

34 cfm

Air Inlet

3/8" NPT or 7/8"-24

Shipping Weight

18 lbs.

Chuck Size

.680 Round or .580 hex