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Post Hole Diggers

Auger Head Attachment for Toro Dingo

Attachments add versatility to your rented Dingo mini skid steer. After reading the product description below, check your local rental dealer's inventory to see which model of Dingo they carry. Then, follow the links to read more about that Dingo model. Dingo 200 Series Dingo 300 Series Dingo 400 Series In any drive head, there is a tradeoff between torque (power) and speed (revolutions per minute). The high torque head provides a large amount of torque (power) to the auger at a slower speed. The high torque (power) translates into the Dingo's capability to dig 30" holes up to 5' deep in clay, gravel, sandstone and many other conditions where lower torque heads get stuck.


Hydraulic One-Man Post-Hole Auger

This One-Man Power Auger offers Reversible, High-Torque hydraulic auger drive. A Vanguard 9hp Engine provides enough power to tackle any job. There are no belts, gears, or shear pins to wear or break, so you can get the job done without worry. The auger assembly swivels for drilling vertical holes in hills. This is an easy, one-person operation with swiveling engine cradle for superb balance.


Two-Man Post-Hole Auger

The time-proven 300 Series Hole diggers tackle any construction related hole digging project from commercial fencing to upscale landscaping. All with the power and digging performance to meet the demands of the most seasoned construction crew. 7/8" square drive, 4", 6", and 8" augers available.