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Skid Load Attachments


  • Available in 9" to 24" diameter in Four Overall Lengths, Having Either  2-9/16” Round Collar
  • Built with Fabricated Boring Heads Using ½” Thick Plates With 5/8” Carriage Bolts and Nuts to Retain the Bolt-On Tooth
  • Standard Wear Components are Hardened Gage (Outside) Teeth, Hardened Wisdom (Inside) Teeth, and 3½” Diameter Hardened Fishtail
  • 4” & 6” Diameter Augers are Single Flighted and 8” – 36” Diameter Augers are Double Flighted
  • For Light to Moderate Conditions
  • Available IN 2 9/16" Round


Skidloader Auger Attachment X1475


McMillen's Auger Drives feature a wide variety of auger diameters, lengths and style for every digging application. Comes with various mounts available for most applications. All 75 Series hydraulic motor drives the auger through a sealed planetary gear reduction. The heavy duty all gear design gives these units a long life with minimal maintenance and service costs. 75 Series drive units are completely sealed with all moving components running in oil for total lubrication on a constant basis. All models feature reverse rotation for quick bakout when obstructions are encountered. The systems' hydraulic relief valve protects the units from damage when the auger kits large immovable objects.   This product is also available CE certified


Skidloader Breaker Attachment

Skidloader breaker is great for large or small jobs with thick or heavy concrete. They are designed for long life in harsh working conditions and easily break through concrete, even on an incline. They offer increased breaking performance at low operating temperatures. They deliver unmatched efficiency within a wide flow-range of carriers


Skidloader Bucket Broom

Skidloader broom works great for sweeping large parking lots or job sites. When operating the sweeper, poly bristles deposit debris in the sweeper bucket to be dumped when full, eliminating the need for multiple clean-up attachments. Or use the sweeper to spread materials evenly across a worksite.


Skidloader Forks

Skidloader forks are great when you need a lot of heavy lifting done in a short period of time. Adjustable forks load and unload, lift and carry, move and place materials around a variety of jobsites. With hydraulic pallet fork, position the forks from the operator seat for maximum operator comfort and efficiency.


Skidloader Grapple Bucket

It’s ideal for jobs such as land clearing, landscaping, demolition, construction, rental or buildings and grounds maintenance. Tear it up, bite it off, and spit it out with the root grapple attachment; the root grapple attachment rips into tough jobs with ease. A curved, skeletal tooth design allows materials to be picked up without driving the teeth into the ground.


Skidloader Harley Rake

The skidloader Harley Rake attachment is ideal for blending an old yard into a new one and can easily power-rake a new yard into a golf course. Easily remove surface rocks yearly that make their way close to the surface. Grade and blend transitions with ease. Thatch an established yard to help improve the health of your lawn. Resurface gravel roads and parking lots.


Skidloader Mower

Handle tough brush-clearing jobs easily with a skidloader hydraulic mower attachment. Designed and built for applications in construction, agriculture, municipalities, and parks-and-recreation departments, the short deck and lightweight design can be used on many machine sizes. The powerful brush cutting action turns small branches and saplings into mulch and cuts through the thickest grass and brush.


Skidloader Trencher

Easily cut into the ground and create a trench through all soil conditions. This trencher is designed with the power and strength to dig in even the toughest, rocky soil types. Equip the trencher with different teeth options to maximize trenching capabilities in different soil conditions.