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Barreto 13 hp Rear Tine Tiller

The Barreto Hydraulic Rear Tine Tiller has the weight balance, stability, and fast tine speed allow the BARRETO to work where others can't. The shock absorbing action of hydraulic power means the BARRETO won't run away while tilling hard, rocky or unbroken ground. The dependable tine drive hydraulic motor is directly mounted to the tine shaft, eliminating troublesome belts, chains and gears. Fingertip controls offer infinitely variable ground speeds both forward and reverse, creating the ultimate in operating ease. Wheels operate independently of tines, allowing operator to easily match wheel speed to soil conditions. Tines can be rotated forward and reverse.


Barreto 9hp Rear Tiller

The BARRETO 918 tiller has all the performance of our larger tillers, but was designed specifically for smaller projects. That means narrower tires and a tine width of just 18", which allows the 918 to work effectively in smaller areas. By mounting the wheel drive motor inside the tiller body with a gear reduction to the axle, the sprocket housing from underneath the tiller body is eliminated, resulting in greater clearance. The tines are redesigned so that they work either conventionally or in counter rotating mode. Fingertip controls offer variable ground speeds both forward and reverse, for incredibly easy operation.


Front Tine Tiller 5hp

For commercial, rental, and residential yard and garden care, nothing matches a Yard Marvel Tiller. This has been carefully engineered and built for rugged, day-to-day use. Every component has been designed for long-lasting service, ease of use and versatility. A unique, patented feature of the Yard Marvel Tiller is the Back Saver Rear Hitch, which allows instant handlebar height adjustment from a standing position. No more bending or squatting -- just a fast and simple foot lever adjustment. Yard Marvel Tillers are designed for better balance because the motor sits slightly back from the front end. The unique tine design with its points-forward digging action allows for easier handling. Call for rates.


Mid-Tine Tiller 8hp

A Honda 8-hp 4-stroke OHV engine powers this Tine 8hp tiller. With an adjustable handlebar and quick-release clutch lever, the tines stop immediately upon release. The narrow transmission case allows deeper tilling while the adjustable depth bar allows tilling at preset depths. The standard cast-iron wheel weights provide extra traction when required.


Stihl Mini Cultivator

The mini cultivator tiller features a folding handle with easy-access controls. The Worm Gear Transmission and muffler heat protector keep this tiller easy to use all day long.