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Skidloader Trencher

Easily cut into the ground and create a trench through all soil conditions. This trencher is designed with the power and strength to dig in even the toughest, rocky soil types. Equip the trencher with different teeth options to maximize trenching capabilities in different soil conditions.


Toro Dingo Trencher Attachment

Toro trenchers are built to last! Every piece of the trencher has been thoroughly examined by Toro to bring you a powerful, versatile attachment that will last for years. From the tip of the nose roller all the way back to the large hydraulic motor, the Toro trencher is designed for productivity and durability. Toro trenchers are built to trench through the toughest conditions without flinching.


Toro Dingo Vibratory Plow

Save time and money by employing Toro's underground attachments. The Vibratory Plow lays pipe and/or cable underground with minimal turf disruption.