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Caterpillar - 301.8 Compact/Mini Excavator

Caterpillar - 301.8 Compact/Mini Excavator

The Caterpillar 301.8 Hydraulic Excavator provides the customer with a versatile machine with increased stability and is suitable for a wide range of applications requiring a longer reach with Caterpillar Work Tools.

Product Specifications (Specifications may change due to continuous product development)




Net power

17.4 hp / 13 kW



Gross power

18.4 hp / 13.7 kW



Operating weight with cab

3968 lb / 1800 kg

Operating weight with canopy

3748 lb / 1700 kg



Max digging depth - standard stick

7.6 ft / 2130 mm

Max reach ground level - standard stick

11.1 ft / 3610 mm

Width upper structure

3.3 ft / 980 mm

Height over cab

7.17 ft / 2190 mm

Height over canopy

7.17 ft / 2190 mm

Shipping length

12.08 ft / 3690 mm

Center ground clearance

0.75 ft / 220 mm

Width over track

3.25 ft / 980 mm

Track gauge

2.5 ft / 750 mm

Track shoe width

9 ft / 230 mm

Swing radius - rear

3.5 ft / 1070 mm

Stick length - standard stick

2.92 ft / 890 mm

Max digging depth - long stick

7.8 ft / 2330 mm

Max vertical dig depth - long stick

5.93 ft / 1810 mm

Max horizontal reach - standard stick

12.17 ft / 3700 mm

Max horizontal reach - long stick

12.9 ft / 3890 mm

Max reach ground level - long stick

12.6 ft / 3800 mm

Max cutting height - standard stick

10.89 ft / 3320 mm

Max cutting height - long stick

11.22 ft / 3420 mm

Max dump height - standard stick

7.75 ft / 2360 mm

Max dump height - long stick

8.1 ft / 2470 mm

Engine Dimensions



3 in / 75 mm


3 in / 72 mm


58.2 in3 / 0.954 L

Travel System


Travel speed - high

2.7 mph / 4.4 kph

Travel speed - low

1.4 mph / 2.2 kph

Max traction force - high

1440 lb / 6.4 kN

Max traction force - low

3060 lb / 13.6 kN

Gradeability (max) - high

30 Degrees / 30 Degrees

Hydraulic System


Pump - gear (tandem)

4.2 gal/min / 16 L/min

Pump - gear (single)

4.5 gal/min / 17 L/min

Operating pressures - equipment

2734 psi / 186 bar

Operating pressure - travel

2734 psi / 186 bar

Operating pressure - swing

2528 psi / 172 bar

Auxiliary circuit - primary (186 bar, 2734 psi)

8.4 gal/min / 32 L/min

Digging forces - stick (standard)

1984 lb ft / 900 kN.m

Digging force - stick (long)

1609 lb ft / 730 kN.m

Digging force - bucket

2844 lb ft / 1290 kN.m

Swing System



Hydraulic Motor Driven

Machine swing speed

9.7 RPM / 9.7 RPM

Boom swing - left (without stop)

90 Degrees / 90 Degrees

Boom swing - left (with stop)

54 Degrees / 54 Degrees

Swing - right

50 Degrees / 50 Degrees

Electrical System



Twelve-volt system




45 in / 1340 mm


10 in / 250 mm

Dig depth

9 in / 225 mm

Lift height

8 in / 200 mm

Service Refill Capacities


Cooling system TAG

1.2 gal / 4.5 L

Engine oil

0.9 gal / 3.5 L

Fuel tank

5.8 gal / 22 L

Hydraulic tank

5.3 gal / 20 L

Hydraulic system

9.8 gal / 37 L

Operating & Safety Information:

Before Operating

Failure to follow warnings or instructions can cause serious injury or death.

  • The Operation and Maintenance Manual, Operator's Handbook, safety manual and machine signs (decals) provide proper operation and maintenance instructions. Study these documents and decals before operating your mini-excavator. Know your machine!

  • Always check the service schedule included on the machine. Your rented mini-excavator has gone through a thorough "Rental-Ready" maintenance procedure, but you should always double check fluid levels before operating your machine. Unless you have made specific arrangements with your local rental company, NEVER perform maintenance on a rented machine. Call your rental dealer with any maintenance questions. Check for leaks, broken or damaged parts before operating.

  • Never smoke when fueling

Always fasten seat belt snugly for restraint and lower the control console.

  • Know the location and function of all safety features and interlocks, gauges and operating controls.

  • Activate the auxiliary hydraulics pedal for hydraulic attachment operation.

Wear proper clothing and use personal protection equipment as required for the job.


Service and repair work should be done only by qualified service personnel.

Know the Worksite

  • Call local utilities before you dig: 1-888-258-0808 (National Referral No.) or see: U.S. & Canada Underground Utility Locater Numbers for your state or provincial number. Know the location of underground gas, water and electrical lines.

  • Inspect work area for holes, drop-offs or unstable ground.

  • Know the weight limitations of operating surfaces and clearances.

Changing and Using Attachments

  • Make sure attachment is securely fastened to excavator.

  • The attachment signs (decals) and Operator's Handbook provide operating and maintenance instructions. Failure to follow warnings and instructions can cause serious injury or death.

  • Use only approved attachments for the compact excavator.

While Operating

  • Start excavator with steering levers and hydraulic controls in neutral. Keep bystanders away.

  • Move steering levers and pedals smoothly. If your mini-excavator has a hydrostatic drive, be aware. Hydrostatic drive systems are responsive. Excavator will move immediately when controls are activated. Check blade location before moving travel control levers or pedals. Excavator will move in the direction of the blade when steering levers are moved away from the operator.

  • Keep your attachment low when traveling.

  • Never carry riders.

  • Do not exceed the rated lift capacity. Read and understand the load rating chart on the excavator.

    Keep bystanders away from the maximum swing area. Never lift a load over another bystander.

  • Always look in the direction of travel before moving the excavator or rotating the house swing (slew).

  • Keep bystanders away from the work area.

  • Do not swing loads on a slope. Swing loads low and slowly. Do not travel across slopes which are more than 15 degrees to the side or to the back of the machine, or 25 degrees to the front. Keep boom centered.

    Keep hands and feet on controls or footrests.

  • Never operate excavator's controls from the ground.

  • Always sit in the operator's seat when activating the controls.

Getting On and Off Safely

Before leaving the excavator:

  1. Lower the attachment to the ground.

  2. Stop the engine.

  3. Remove the key to prevent unauthorized starting.

  • Use the grab-handles, track and skid-resistant surfaces when getting on or off the excavator.

  • Do not jump off the excavator.

Transporting the Excavator and Attachment

  • Always drive up the ramp with heavy end uphill (boom, dipper, etc.).

  • Engage swing lock and secure excavator and attachments using tie-downs and chains. Use towing vehicle and trailer of adequate capacity.