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Dance Floor Oak 12x12

Dance Floor Oak 12x12
• STARLIGHT panels are 4' x 4' (1219mm x 1219mm)—
almost twice the area compared to 3' x 3'
(914mm x 914mm) panels—but fewer pieces mean
less storage space.
• Larger panels combined with the cam-lock means that
setting up or taking down a dance floor can be done in
almost half the time of smaller panels.
• STARLIGHT's maintenance-free surface is resistant
to spilled drinks and food, and its unusually durable
surface is easy to wipe clean and never needs refinishing.
• STARLIGHT is extremely resistant to high heel dents
and scuffing.
• This revolutionary floor eliminates the warping, chipping
and fading associated with many other dance floors.
• At only 3/4" (20mm) thick, STARLIGHT offers a lower
profile for easier access.
• SICO's double "U" shaped caddy facilitates easy loading
and unloading of panels, and our walk-in design allows
storage of up to 24 panels plus all matching trim.
• Panels weigh 45 lbs. (20kg) and are shipped two per
carton at 90 lbs. (40kg).