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Komatsu Mini Excavator PC09 With Breaker Attachment OPT

Komatsu Mini Excavator PC09 With Breaker Attachment OPT

The PC09 mini excavator is the result of the competence and technology that Komatsu has acquired over 80 years. It was designed and developed with constant attention to the needs of customers from all over the world. The end result is a user-friendly machine that offers top-class performance.

Product Specifications: (Specifications may change due to continuous product development)

Operating weight (lb) 1,960
Horse Power (hp/rpm) 8.4 / 2200
Swing Speed (rpm) 8.3
Ground Pressure (PSI) 4.0
Max. Traction Force (lb) 1,455
Bucket Digging Force (ISO) (lb) 2,370
Arm Crowd Force (ISO) (lb)* 1,323
Type of Hydrualic Pump Piston Gear
Max. Oil Flow (US gal/min) 5.8
Max. Pressure Setting (PSI) 2,275
Auxiliary Flow (US gal/min) 5.8
Fuel Tank 2.9
Hydraulic Tank 3.2
Engine 0.6
Coolant 0.6
DIMENSIONS (ft. in.)
Overall Length 9’0”
Overall Width 2’4”-2’10”
Overall Height 6’11”
Blade (Width x Height) 2’10” x 7.9”
Standard Bucket Size 14” / 0.78 cu. ft.
Max. Digging Height 9’2”
Max. Dumping Height 9’2”
Max. Digging Depth 4’11”
Max. Vertical Digging Depth 3’10”
Max. Digging Reach 9’4”
Max. Digging Reach - Ground Level 9’1”
Max. Blade Lift 7”
Max. Blade Depth 5”