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Rock Climb Fun Zone Bounce

Rock Climb Fun Zone Bounce
Inflatable Rock Climb Fun Zone . kids can't seem to get enough
of fun zone play area with a rock climb in the middle! Unit has a 12' slide witch brings
them right back around to do it all over again.
Great for Birthday parties, self contained, one entrance/exit.
You can supervise the entire inflatable from the front of the unit.

Not to exceed 1000 pounds total weight at any one time.

Electrical Requirements:  Requires one 110 Volt standard outlet.

Can be set up on Grass or any indoor facility.

$213 / Event

Ride Features
  •     Dual lane slide
  •     15' W x 24' L x 13' H
  •     Up to 6 Child Rides
  •     Up to 3 Teen Rides
  •     Up to 2 Adult Rides
We offer portable power for an extra cost

Rock Climb Fun Zone

Your safety is our top priority.
All bouncers setup outdoors will be properly anchored without exception.
We require a 48 hour notice, excluding weekends and holidays, prior to setup to allow underground utilities to be located.
For Saturday or Sunday events, reservations must be completed no later than 3pm MST on Wednesday prior to the event.
Customers will be asked to locate private utility lines i.e. septic lines, sprinkler systems, etc., prior to setup,
Time Rental will not be held responsible for private lines that were not marked. For more information please see our