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2014 Color Trends

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With 2014 just around the corner- “honey-do” lists are piling high, especially with ideas for home improvement projects.  Not only do you need to make sure you have all the tools for home improvement projects you need, but you must keep in mind the actual home improvement projects.  One simple idea to change the atmosphere of any room in your home is to switch up the color schemes or even the paint colors.  Following 2014 color trends is an easy step in achieving a new fresh look for your home for little time and money.

2014 Color Trends

During a time where everyone wants to make a statement, many are going back to their traditional roots and using color schemes or paints that are neutral colors.  Neutral colors are top among 2014 color trends and while they are easy on the eye, they also are well liked for many years.  Neutrals also allow for unique furniture or pops of color to be the feature of a room, not just the paint on the wall.

While many are turning to neutrals for color schemes, dark brown is also on the forecast for 2014 color trends.  Although dark brown may be considered a neutral color by many, dark brown in shades of timber, cinnamon, and nutmeg are unique colors that add a bit of flair to a home without being too bold.  Dark browns also allow for other accent colors to easily be paired with the color.

Wanting to step outside of the box?  One color that is peaking the 2014 color trends is gray and all of the shades it can come in.  Whether you are wanting a deep charcoal, a light cloud-like tone, or even grays with a bit of iridescent sheen – there is something for everyone in the color spectrum of gray. 

Although, several colors are gaining popularity on the 2014 color trends there are some colors to avoid in the year 2014.  While deep purples, burgundies, or wine hues used to be all the rage the year of 2014 is about having cleaner looks that can not only transcend the years but any homeowner.  Instead opting for a deep brown can not only achieve the look you want but create a look that can be paired with a range of accent colors.  Another color to avoid is the bright sunflower color, yellow.  Yellow is a color that is not only bright but will always draw the eye no matter what else is in the room.  Instead a creamy beige not only can brighten a room but allow the eye to go to other aspects of the room like unique architecture or furniture.

Keeping in mind the 2014 color trends, can not only help you make wise choices for home improvement projects but help you create creative looks that you never would have considered before. Needing tools for your home improvement projects, even if it is just painting?  Look no further than Time Equipment Rental and Sales.  Time Equipment Rental and Sales offers a wide line of tools for home improvement, such as ladders, laser levels, nailer guns, paint sprayers, and air compressors.  For more information on these tools for home improvement or questions regarding home improvement projects contact Time Equipment Rental and Sales at (605) 348-2360.

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