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Benefits of Owning Home Snow Plows

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Most do not expect to see snow before Halloween and if they do can only imagine a light powdery dusting.  Starting on Thursday, October 3 the snow started to fall in areas of the Black Hills.  Little did anyone imagine the significant amounts of accumulation over the next 2 days that would not only cripple the communities in the Black Hills but shutdown much of the Western area of the state.  Cities like Deadwood accumulated 48 inches of snow, Rapid City gaining 23.1 inches, and Casper getting over 16 inches.  This did not include the high snow drifts that appeared even higher due to the strong winds, like in Box Elder where winds reached over 70 miles per hour. 

The Winter Storm Atlas left many people stranded in their homes, most without electricity and some without food.  Neighborhoods were impossible to transit through and many businesses closed their doors due to the inability to clear parking lots or ways into work for their employees.  Before the next winter storm hits the Black Hills area and Rapid City, invest in your own home snow plow or personal snow plows to use at your business and even in your neighborhood.  Living in an area where snow and winter strikes heavily, having access to your own personal snow plow instead of paying for a snow removal service will be more beneficial for you.

One reason it is beneficial to have your own home snow plow or personal snow plow, to remove snow from your business or neighborhood is simply that you get to do the work.  You do not have to worry if someone else is removing snow properly or in a timely manner.  You have the best knowledge of your property and will be conscious of vulnerable areas and not damage different things like shrubs or fences.  You will also not feel rushed to move on to the next client before the work is completed or completed in the best possible way. 

Another beneficial reason to have your own home snow plows or personal snow plows is simply in the cost breakdown.  Snow removal services charge different prices and in different ways.  Some charge around $40 for every 2 inches, with additional money every inch or two after.  With just one foot of snow, which is quite common in the Black Hills, that is almost $500 for just one time of service.  Others charge a base price of around $70 and each time they need to plow the snow they will charge you.  So if you have a long driveway that perhaps needs plowed 3 times to be able to travel on it (keep in mind this is just with one snow storm) that is over $200.  Also, most snow plow services will tack on extra fees depending on the location of your home or business, length or size of area to be plowed, and even the time (if very early) you need your property plowed.  According to HomeAdvisor.com the average price for snow plowing services is $70 going up to over $100.  This can put quite the damper on your budget especially if Mother Nature sends a nasty long winter your way. 

Purchasing your own personal snow plow or a home snow plow will also allow you to have the ability to plow whenever you need, giving you control.  Instead of wasting time waiting for “your turn” or someone to get to your property, you can easily step up to the plate and do it.  Is your business still opening and you need your parking lot plowed before 6 am?  No worries, you have the ability to do it and continue to do it no matter if you get more accumulation or high snow drifts.  You will also be able to use your snow plow over and over again for several years.  Having the power and ability to take care of yourself is an excellent benefit to owning home snow plows or personal snow plows.

In conclusion, purchasing your own home snow plows or personal snow plows for your business is an excellent idea and one that comes with several benefits.  Using your own personal snow plow will not only be more cost efficient, quicker, but you will know that the work is being completed and a quality job was done.  Time Equipment Rental & Sales offers top of the line snow plows and snow plow packages for anyone who wants to take control of their property during the winter months.  Time Equipment Rental & Sales provides home snow plows for a variety of vehicles including pickup trucks, S.U.Vs, ATVs, UTVs, and skid steers.  For more information on personal snow plows please contact Time Equipment Rental & Sales at (605) 348-2360.



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