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Building a Water Garden

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Has the warmer weather got you itching to get outside and start gardening, planting flowers, and cleaning up your landscape?  Need a fresh idea to add to your yard this season?  A water garden is the perfect addition to any landscape and will create a unique atmosphere that many only wish they had in their yard.  Luckily, building a water garden can be easy and very fun!  Using garden tools from Time Equipment Rental and Sales, you will be able to build a water garden easily. 

Instead of spending tons of time and money building a water garden that is extravagant, opt to create a smaller one. Not only will it allow you to better cultivate your garden but also, save money and space in your yard. Following these steps below to building a water garden will make the process a breeze!

Steps to Building a Water Garden

What You’ll Need

  • Wooden whiskey barrel or other sturdy container (at least 12 inches deep)
  • Heavy duty plastic liner (at least 6 mm thick)
  • Measuring tape
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Scissors
  • Bricks or pots
  • Water plants
  • Fish or other aquatic life

What To Do

1.       Select a place to put your water garden.  Once the water is filled in it, the plants and the wildlife it can be hard to move.  Remember to make sure this spot is level.  If you need a level, Time Equipment Rental and Sale offers quality garden tools and other equipment you may need to get the job done.

2.       Place your liner into your container and smooth it out on the bottom.  Measure your liner to fit into your container.  Now trim excess  liner, leaving about 12 inches on the top. 

3.       Now fill your water garden with water (and you will need to add water conditioner).   When the container is half full, trim the plastic liner to only two inches above the top.  The liner should have smoothed out due to the water pressure.

4.       Take the extra plastic liner and fold it toward the inside of the container (like a hem).  Use your staple gun (this tool can be found at Time Equipment Rental and Sales) to line the inside rim.

5.       Continue filling the container with water until the water is about 2 inches beneath the staples.  This will allow your water not to overrun once you add plants and wildlife.

6.       Wait 24 hours before adding plants or animals to allow the water to settle and get to the proper temperature.

7.       Place bricks or blocks into container, so you can place potted plants into the water garden.

8.       Place fish and other aquatic life into water garden.

Tips to Remember while Building a Water Garden

  • Place your water garden in a place where it will receive at least 5 hours of sun.
  • Choose a spot that has access to fresh running water (near water spout or water hose).
  • Don't put water garden under large trees.
  • Don’t overcrowd your mini water garden as that will cause plants and wildlife to die.

Plants for a Water Garden

Some excellent choices for plants in water gardens are plants that have floating petals or floating leaves.  Popular choices for plants in water gardens include water lilies, lotuses, Japanese and Siberian irises, eel grass, and arrow head.  Pick a variety of plants to create a unique element to your water garden.

Fish for a Water Garden

Top choices for fish while you are building your water garden include goldfish and guppies.  Remember not to over crowd your fish and that your fish may lay eggs after some time.  A good rule of thumb to remember is one fish per three square feet.  Adding fish like goldfish, will also keep mosquitos at bay from your water garden. 

Building a water garden will add tranquility to your garden and landscape while adding a stunning touch to your yard.  By building a water garden of smaller size, you will be able to maintain your water garden easier, use less space of your yard, and spend less money.  Need garden tools for this project?  Time Equipment Rental and Sales has the tools you need to get any project done including landscaping and garden tools.  Some garden tools that Time Equipment Rental and Sales carries includes sod cutters, walk behind diggers, trenchers, trimmers, and more! Contact Time Equipment Rental and Sales today for more information on garden tools, landscaping tool rental, and tools you need to complete any home or landscaping project. 





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