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Create Your Custom Truck with our Truck Accessories

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Truck accessories allow you to not only add extra function to your truck, but create a unique custom truck to showcase your personality.  Time Equipment Rental and Sales has been the leader in Rapid City truck accessories since the 1980s and we are the go-to place for all of your custom truck needs.  Some of our truck accessories include, but are not limited to, grille guards, bed liners, trailer hitches, driving lights, vent visors, bumpers, nerf bars, running boards, and mud flaps! Check out some popular truck accessories that will make your custom truck everything you ever dreamed of!

Bed Covers:

Bed covers, not only look great on your truck, but can add a well-protected cargo space to your vehicle.  Your custom truck with a bed cover will not only be able to protect precious cargo, but will have improved fuel economy due to the bed cover.  Also, bed covers are easy to use and are retractable, making larger loads easy to move as well!

Nerf Bars:

Nerf bars or side steps, add function to your custom truck or vehicle.  They will help you get in and out of your custom truck easily.  Step bars can also provide a non-slip stepping area, which is imperative especially during wet, icy, or muddy weather conditions. 

Grill Guards:

Grilled guards are another way to enhance the look of your custom truck.  We offer several different grille guard finishes to meet all of your truck accessory needs.  Not only will your truck be stylish, but your grille guard will protect the front of your trucks.  Our grille guards are formed of tubular steel and are heavy duty.  You can even match your grille guard to other truck accessories you have, to create a complete custom truck look.  Grille guards can even save you money, since some auto insurance companies will offer discounts for trucks with grille guards!

Mud Flaps:

Mud flaps are a great truck accessory to add to your custom truck! Mud flaps keep your custom truck, SUV, or ATV clean no matter how rough the road may be.  Mud flaps block dirt from the road or other rocks and debris that may come into contact with your custom truck. With our variety of mud flaps, not only can you show off your own style on your custom truck but keep it clean!


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