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Custom Truck Accessories: Which Truck Tonneau Cover is Right for You?

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There are many types of custom truck accessories, and one of the most popular are truck tonneau covers.  People like the idea of truck bed tonneau covers for a number of reasons.  They can help keep your belongings private, they can keep your truck bed looking nice, and some truck tonneau covers can also help with gas mileage.  Our experienced staff can help you with whatever questions you might have about your truck tonneau covers; we’ve been selling custom truck accessories since the 80s.   We’ve got a wide variety of truck tonneau covers and custom truck accessories, but which one is right for you?  We’ve put a little guide to help you choose which cover is the most practical for you and your vehicle.

Hard Covers

Hard covers are a nice option because they offer durability and reliability that some covers don’t.  The hard shells make these truck tonneau covers hard to cut or tear.  Most hard covers come with locks, which means nobody’s getting access without a key.  In addition to the security features, these covers are typically attached right to the bed rails.  Because of this, rain, snow, and dirt are kept out of your truck bed.  Not only that, but most hard covers come with multiple color options to perfectly match the color of your vehicle and really complete the look of your truck and make it a perfect custom truck accessory.

Soft Covers

Soft, roll-up covers are typically made from heavy vinyl with an aluminum frame.  Retractable covers are a great custom truck accessory for keeping the elements out of your truck bed, and are typically cheaper than hard covers.  However, they’re also not as tamper resistant.  While the vinyl is tough, it can be punctured on the worksite, by falling debris or sharp objects.  However, your cargo can stay dry without having to drill any extra holes into your truck.  Some roll up covers open using a trigger latch, while other have a snap. Some models even close with Velcro. Owners can pick from a variety of colors and can choose from a range of budget options.

Hinged Covers

These covers open like a regular car trunk.  Like a trunk, these truck tonneau covers are meant to provide easy access to cargo. One of the reasons people favor this model is because it’s one of the most convenient custom truck accessories available.  If you have a larger load that won’t fit under the cover, it can typically be removed to accommodate the larger loads.  Another great reason to consider this type of truck tonneau cover is because there are a wide variety of manufacturers to choose from as well as different styles to consider.  Styles range from ragtop to hard models.  Because these models include many different features, these custom truck accessories can range in the moderate to high price levels.

Retractable Covers

If you’re looking for the security of a hard cover and the convenience of a soft top, then a retractable covers might be for you.  Most retractable covers provide heavy-duty aluminum panels that offer a sleek and modern style that also provides extra security.  Most of these covers don’t require drilling because they use a clamping mechanism, which reduces the time it takes to install them.  While black is the most common color, there are other options, and they’re coated for moisture resistance.  Many of these custom truck accessories come with a push-button opening mechanism to make entry a bit easier. 

These aren’t the same truck tonneau covers that your parents or grandparents used.  These ones don’t block your view and can be removed whenever you want.  Retractable covers are made to keep your belongings safe when you’re not around. 

No matter what type of truck tonneau cover you decide on, Time Equipment Rental and Sales has an option for you.  In addition to truck bed covers, we also sell grill guards, hitches, side steps, LED bars, and many more custom truck accessories.  Customize your truck to fit your lifestyle, and let the professionals at Time Equipment help you make the right decision.  Give us a call at (605) 348-2360 or click here to visit our website.  Don’t forget to Like Us on Facebook to stay up to date on tips and tricks for your truck and new custom truck accessories.

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