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Custom Trucks: Ready for Anything

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If there’s one thing folks love more than their trucks, it’s customizing their trucks. We’ve been selling truck accessories since the 80s; so when we talk about trucks, chances are it’s worth a listen. Not sure what truck accessories you need? If you saw our display at the Central States Fair in Rapid City this year, then you have a pretty good idea of what we have to offer. If you’re looking for something specific you can stop by our store and talk with one of our knowledgeable staff members who will help you find what you need for your truck, SUV, or ATV.

In the meantime, here’s some advice on some of our most popular truck accessories:

Grill Guards:

Yes, a grill guard will enhance the appearance of your truck. And with several finishes available, you should have no problem finding the perfect grill guard to complement your truck. But grill guards do more than just make your truck look good. They are designed to protect the front of your truck, especially your grill and lights. Your truck takes a beating, and the front of your truck is extremely vulnerable. Formed of tubular steel, these guards are heavy duty. Grill guards are perfect for those truck owners who like to take their truck off road. You can even match your front grill guard to your other truck accessories to give it a more complete look. Best of all, a grill guard can even save you money. Some auto insurance companies offer discounts for trucks equipped with a grill guard.


Bed Liners: 

Drop-in bed liners are designed to protect your truck bed from the wear and tear you expose it to on a daily basis. These liners tend to be the quite affordable, and offer easy installation.


Bed Covers:

Bed covers solve many cargo problems. Bed covers are not only extremely durable, ensuring your cargo is well protected, but they can also be easily retractable, meaning you can haul larger loads with no problem. While bed covers are durable enough to protect your precious cargo, they are also easy to use. A bed cover will also help improve the fuel economy of your truck. And with gas prices still sky high, better gas mileage is at the top of everyone’s list. Last, but certainly not least, bed covers just look good!


Trailer Hitches:

Sure, we all need the option to tow trailers, whether it’s for off-road vehicles, waste hauling, horses, or anything else. But are you sure your hitch can handle what you need to haul? Talk to one of our experts, and they’ll help you find exactly what you need.

Class 1 Trailer Hitch: A class 1 trailer hitch is capable of handling a gross trailer weight (GTW) of up to 2,000 lbs. and a maximum tongue weight of 200 lbs.

Class 2 Trailer Hitch: : A class 2 trailer hitch is capable of handling a gross trailer weight (GTW) of up to 3,500 lbs. and a maximum tongue weight of 300 lbs.

Class 3 Trailer Hitch: : A class 3 trailer hitch is capable of handling a gross trailer weight (GTW) of up to 5,000 lbs. and a maximum tongue weight of 500 lbs.

Class 4 Trailer Hitch: : A class 4 trailer hitch is capable of handling a gross trailer weight (GTW) of up to 12,000 lbs. and a maximum tongue weight of 1,000 lbs.

Class 5 Trailer Hitch: : A class 5 trailer hitch is capable of handling a gross trailer weight (GTW) of up to 18,000 lbs. and a maximum tongue weight of 1,800 lbs.

As an authorized dealer for well-known brands like B&W Hitches, Ranch Hand Grill Guards, Luverne Truck Accessories, Warn Winches, Snow-Way snow plows, and Raider toppers; we also carry a variety of national brands including: Drawtite, Brophy, Unicover, Westin, Kargomaster, Truxedo, UWS, Retrax, and AVS.

Stay tuned! Next time, we’ll discuss trailer hitches and hauling in-depth, including some common hauling mistakes.

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