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Cut your heating bills with these diy home improvement tips and rental equipment from Time Equipment

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South Dakota winters aren’t known for being mild.  When people in other states complain about low temperatures, we’re usually still grilling outside.  And while we can’t do anything about the cold weather, there are steps we can take to make our homes more energy efficient.  More energy efficiency means lower heating bills.  Losing heat to the outside elements, means losing money out of your wallet.  We’ve got some tips and diy home improvement project ideas to help you winterize your home that will help save you money and keep you toasty.  Instead of buying your tools for these projects, come to Time Equipment and save even more money with our rental equipment.  It’s best to get these items done now before the temperature drops into the single digits and you finally decide to break out the winter jacket.

Before starting on big-ticket purchases like new furnaces and water heaters, there are a lot of things you can do yourself that can drastically cut down your heating costs and using rental equipment instead of buying your tools cuts costs even more.  Making sure your home is properly insulated goes a long way in cutting down on your heating costs.  Keeping the warm air in and the cold air out can shrink your bills drastically.  There are a number of small diy home improvement steps you can take to accomplish those goals, from inexpensive, do-it-yourself repairs to more pricey renovations that require hiring a contractor.  We’ll focus on the smaller diy home improvement projects that include insulation, windows and closing up cracks in walls, around windows and doors and any other spot where air might slip through.

Check your windows and doors, and seal up the cracks.

Keeping out cold air and keeping the warm air inside is important, but this diy home improvement tip also helps with another area: keeping the critters out.  Not only are you keeping out cold air, you’re keeping out mice and other critters that may seek refuge during the cold and windy months. Consider sealing around the heating ducts in the basement and attic. If necessary, add or replace the weather stripping as well.  This goes for your attic doors too.  Attic staircases are typically easy to install and remove, and they’ll help keep your costs down all year.

Cover the holes around electrical outlets.

You can buy outlet covers that can be easily installed behind the plate. These covers are easy to install and fairly inexpensive.  Put your hands down to feel around the outlets.  If the area around the outlet is cooler, then you’re losing air through that outlet.  It’s a simple diy home improvement tip that saves you big when it comes time to turn that furnace on. 

Cover the fireplace

Installing glass doors on your fireplace is a huge energy-saving diy home improvement tip. Your fireplace doors will keep cold air from coming down into your house and your warm air from escaping up through the chimney. If you use your fireplace, also make sure you close the flue when you’re finished. This will keep temperatures tamed and critters from getting in the house.

Cover your windows

Window insulation kids can help keep your home cozy.  Covering your windows if you don’t have storm windows, is a big heat-savings benefit.  Creating your own diy storm window with a window insulation kit is easy and can be found at a local hardware store.  An easy diy home improvement project for the interior of your house is to use a window sealer kit and insulated drapes.

Add insulation

The first place we think about when adding insulation is the attic.  However, it’s also important to consider the crawl space, garage and basement.  If you’re doing any construction that opens up exterior walls, that’s a good time to add insulation in the walls.  If your house hasn’t been insulated in the last twenty years, it’s a good idea to put it on your to-do list.  We’ve got insulation blowers and other home improvement rental equipment to help you get the job done right.

Reverse ceiling fans

If you’ve got ceiling fans in your home, you can still run them during the winter, just change the direction.  Running the fans counterclockwise makes it cooler during spring and summer months. Reverse the fans to run clockwise, and they will circulate the warm air back into the room.

Change your furnace filters

While you won’t need any rental equipment for this diy home improvement, it’s one that’s sure to save you money every month.  Dirty filters make the furnace work less efficiently. Make sure to change them monthly during the heating season.

Get a programmable thermostat

For every degree you turn down the heat, you save three percent on your heating bill.  You can set the thermostat to lower the temperature when you go to work, and raise it when you get home.  You can also get the same results by manually lowering a conventional thermostat, but the key is remembering to set it. 

Replace or repair thresholds and door sweeps

Keeping a tight seal on your threshold and sweep is just as important as sealing your windows.  Keeping the area where your door seals shut tightly sealed, will keep cold air from entering underneath and bringing down the temperature in your home. If you’re in a pinch, use a towel to cover a draft.

These smaller diy home improvement projects can be done over the course of a weekend and are all fairly inexpensive, which means you save even more money in addition to your energy savings.  By utilizing rental equipment from Time Equipment Rental & Sales, you’ll save even more money on your winter diy home improvement projects.  Give us a call at 605-348-2360 or stop on by and talk to our friendly and knowledgeable staff on which tools can help you get the job done right.  Don’t forget to Like Us on Facebook to stay up to date with Time Equipment Rental & Sales.

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