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Economic and Unique Ideas for Wedding Receptions

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Today’s brides are all about coming up with fun, unique, and inexpensive ideas for treating their wedding guests with something special. For example, some will use an arrangement of tiny, potted flowers, plants, or succulents to double as both reception table centerpieces and take-home gifts for guests. This is just the beginning—there are many economic and unique ideas for wedding receptions out there. Today, Time Equipment Rental and Sales of Rapid City is talking about DIY wedding reception menus, drinks, and treats… ways to both save and impress!

DIY Wedding Reception Menus

Dessert, Dinner, Drinks, & Treats!


Life is short—have dessert first!

Some economic and creative brides will forego the expensive wedding cake and opt for something less…traditional. After all, dessert is a broad category with many tasty affiliates. If your own favorite sugary treats are homemade cookies, why not have a cookie bar with a variety of flavors? If your nuptials are scheduled for an autumn date, it seems appropriate to nix the frosted masterpiece and go for a collection of homemade pies: blueberry, apple, and pumpkin…something to sing in tune with the season!


Your first meal as a married couple…

Reception food and drink service is one area that keeps turning out innovative new schemes. As weddings become less and less traditional, the conventional full-service or buffet line of meat, potato, vegetable, and salad is becoming more of a rarity. Brides and grooms are opting to serve their guests their own favorite dishes, instead of aiming to please as many as possible with pre-selected dinner courses.

The real benefit of something like a build-your-own-burger bar (for the couple that loves a good slider) or a taco station (for the bride and groom with a taste for Mexican) is that it makes dinner fun and interactive, while also cutting down on the cost to the bride and groom. In fact, with something this amusing, tasty, and simple, expensive catering and service charges can be completely erased from the overall budget. Time Equipment rental and sales offers food prep party rentals, such as grills, roasters, rotisseries, cookers, and chafers that will allow you to take charge of your reception meal…and significantly cut the cost of feeding your guests!

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Cheers to the Happy Couple!

It’s up to you as to what extent you want to supply your guests with alcoholic beverages. Open bar, closed bar, cash, or keg…there are ways to cut the expense so you don’t end up footing a hefty bill. As long as your venue allows it, bringing in your own libations—bottles of wine, bottles of beer, a keg, etc.—seems like the most economic solution.

However, it’s not all about the booze! To quench the thirst of your guests with something sweet and satisfying, lemonade is always a good option. A lemonade station can be cute and creative, like the one pictured below, and it can feature different lemonade types: traditional, pink, raspberry, etc.

For wedding receptions scheduled for cooler fall or winter weekends, a hot drink alternative can be so much more than your average coffee carafe. Spice up your fall wedding with a hot apple cider bar, or warm your winter wedding up from the inside with hot cocoa. A cocoa table might feature a fun, build-your-own drink bar with whipped cream, sprinkles, marshmallows, pirouettes, candy canes, toffee, dipped spoons, or any number of tasty cocoa toppings.

Drink stations for heating up or cooling off are fun and effortless, especially when you can rent your own hot and cold beverage containers and dispenser with low daily minimum rates. Check out the inventory from Time Equipment Rental & Sales HERE, or CONTACT US.


A little something extra…

Some brides strive to send their guests home with a favor, while others opt to nix this tradition. If you do decide to provide your guests with some sort of a parting gift, there’s nothing quite like a tasty treat at the end of the night. Recent ideas popping up all over the internet are homemade, self-canned jams and preserves; syrups or sauces with custom labels; or mason jars filled with cookie mixes and topped with a raffia bow.

For something truly one-of-its-kind, try a self-spinning Cotton Candy Machine where guests can make their own (with supervision, of course), and then head home with a colorfully spun bag of sugary clouds. Shaved ice is another cool and exciting option: snow cone in hand, guests can paint their own treat with an assortment of colorful syrup bottles. All you need to do is supply the syrup, bring in the ice, and rent the Snowee Ice Cone Maker. Both can be rented from Time Equipment Rental and Sales of Rapid City.

Where are all of the brides coming up with these cute, distinctive, and memorable ideas? For the most part, we have the World Wide Web to thank—Pinterest to be exact. What’s Pinterest, you ask? See for yourself.

The beauty of wedding planning these days is that a rare few are still adhering strictly to the mold of tradition, and the daring attempt at something different is widely applauded by wedding guests. In essence, your guests will most likely marvel and admire a wedding feature they’ve never seen before, and most of the ideas floating around out there will end up saving you money in the long run.

With today’s weddings, the sky is the limit—even when the limit on your pocketbook isn’t exactly sky high. If it’s fun and unique, it doesn’t matter how much it costs…your guests will still be impressed.

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