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Gear Up with Grille Guards this Fall

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Fall is here and that means deer and other wildlife are on the move! Don’t get caught in a bad situation. Grille guards are a must. An impact or collision with a deer at highway speeds can result in severe damage to the front of your truck. A grille guard can protect you from the worst case scenario: a deer strike through the grille of the vehicle, which can take out the radiator or oil coolers, leaving the driver and his truck or passengers stranded alongside the road.

Newer, modern vehicles and trucks are designed to crumble on impact and absorb the energy from a major crash, meaning they have little resistance to deer and other wildlife. A collision with deer or other large animals often results in several thousands of dollars in damage, not to mention inconvenience and frustration during the repair process. Even a pheasant can punch a hole through the plastic grille of many modern vehicles and disable the radiator when struck at highway speed.

Grille guards protect your vehicle from wildlife and other roadway hazards. They come in various shapes and designs to add customization to your truck or vehicle and have become a coveted “look” in the trucking community. In addition, they’re functional.

Grille guards provide an excellent mounting platform for lights and some are designed with winch mounting systems built in. Fog lights, driving lights, and L.E.D. light bars mount easily to most grille guards and front bumpers. Winch mounting systems allow you to equip your vehicle with a winch, front winch mount receivers for detachable and portable winches, and accessories requiring a 2” square front receiver.

Time Equipment Rental & Sales has been a major supplier of truck hardware and accessories in western South Dakota and the Black Hills since 1985. We offer a broad range of grille guards and front bumpers, as well as various other vehicle and truck accessories and professional quality installation on everything we sell.

Time Equipment carries products from popular major manufacturers such as: Ranch Hand, Luverne, Westin, Fab-Four, Go Industries, ARB, Iron Cross, and others. With so many brands available, Time Equipment can outfit most light trucks, pickups, SUVs, and vans with the grille guard or bumper of your choice. Check out our inventory for a full list of products we carry.

If you have questions, contact Time Equipment Rental & Sales today or call 605.348.2360.

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