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Grill Guards: What You Should Know about One of the Most Popular Pickup Truck Accessories

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Every truck owner loves their truck.  This is a fact.  Every truck owner also wants to make their truck better.  This is also a fact.  One of the best ways to make your truck look better while still protecting it is by adding a grille guard.  With the summer months winding down and fall beginning, people are likely to encounter more deer running out in front of your vehicle in the morning and evening hours.  Time Equipment Rental and Sales has been selling pickup truck accessories since the 1980s, and we have grown into a full line truck accessory and equipment retailer. Offering a wide variety of products for pickups, SUV's and Vans; we specialize in outfitting these vehicles for personal, commercial, or recreational use.  We carry a wide selection of grille guards for your pickup truck, and our experienced staff can install your grill guard so you can be sure it’s done right and looks good.

Grill guards can offer tremendous advantages for your truck, especially if you are using it for off road riding and job sites.  Most models of truck grill guards are formed by tubular steel. The front end of your beloved truck is protected by having this device installed.  Not only does this keep your grille safe, but it also keeps your radiator safe in case of an accident or if you hit accidentally hit a deer.  You can have truck grill guards based on your preferred finish, and we’ve got several kinds of finishes available to match your truck.  Matching your grill guard with other accessories completes the look of your perfectly customized truck. 

When considering adding a grill guard to your arsenal of pickup truck accessories, there are a few important things to remember:

Make Sure it Fits

Purchase a grill guard that is designed to fit the specific make and model vehicle. This eliminates having to drill new holes into your trucks’ frame and provides a perfect fit for your new grille guards.  Not only are grill guards specific to your make and model designed to be mounted to your truck correctly, they’re also designed to look good with that particular make and model.  The follow the curves of the grille and front end of the vehicle, and several companies actually offer custom designed truck grill guards for many truck makes and models. 

Get the Whole Package

When choosing a grill guard, it’s extremely important that you get the entire package.  Finding the right grille guard is great, but what good are pickup truck accessories without the right materials to install them?  When you purchase a grille guard, make sure you have the complete package complete with a skid plate and/or and other component pieces.  By doing this, you’ll not only ensure that you’ve got the proper materials for your truck accessory, but the point where the grill guard is mounted to the truck will be protected as well.

Consider the Weight

Your grill guard is going to offer protection to the front end of your truck; however, the gauge of steel your guard is constructed with will impact the amount of protection it offers.  Thicker is better since it would guarantee more protection. However, your grill guard will be heavier, which more gasoline for your truck.  As with all pickup truck accessories, don’t choose a grill guard that is simply too much for your truck.  If you want a grill guard for looks and life in an area where animals wandering onto the road aren’t a problem, a small gauge is probably best.  If you do some off-roading and want a little extra protection from brush or a stray deer, a medium gauge will work.  If you take your truck to the job site every day, drive dark country roads that seem to populate with deer and pheasants in the early morning and late hours of the evening, a thick gauge is your best bet.

Get a Good Finish

Most of the time, you have a choice between the finish of your grill guard.  Many companies offer stainless steel, chrome and powder coated black truck grill guards. As far as longevity and looks are concerned, each of these types of finish has something different to offer. The powder coated grill guard might look better with your truck, but will it hold up to years of harsh South Dakota winters?  Different warranties can also apply to different finishes, so it’s important to know which warranty covers your finish. 

Our experts at Time Equipment Rental and Sales can help you find the right pickup truck accessories to fit your vehicle.  Not only can we help find the right grill guard for you, we can also professionally install it.  You can rest easy knowing that your truck is looking good, your grill guard is properly installed, and your new truck accessory is keeping your vehicle safe.  Give us a call at 605-348-2360, visit our website, or stop by Time Equipment Rental & Sales to see our wide variety of grill guards and other pickup truck accessories and visit with our friendly staff to see which option is right for you.  Don’t forget to Like Us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with all your truck accessory needs.

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