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Hassle-Free Camping with Pickup Truck Accessories Like Truck Hitches from Andersen Hitches

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March 20th was the first day of spring in 2016.  With the weather getting warmer and more and more people going camping or hitting the lakes in the coming months, it’s important to have the right pickup truck accessories to make your preparation, travel, and recreation as painless as possible.  At Time Equipment Rental and Sales, we’ve got a full line of pickup truck accessories (including truck hitches) to meet your needs.

In addition to regular truck hitches, we also have 5th wheel hitches.  Having a good 5th wheel hitch is essential if you plan on spending a lot of time out in the hills this year.  We’ve got a full line of truck hitches from Andersen Hitches and the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection is a truck hitch second to none.  

The Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection is the lightest and most affordable way to connect your 5th wheel trailer to your truck or tow vehicle. There are two versions available:

  • Rail Mount – can be used with industry standard rails in both long-bed or short-bed trucks
  • Gooseneck Mount – can be used with all gooseneck hitch balls.

The Rail Mount fits industry standard rails and doesn’t require any special parts or adapters.  Not only are both of these truck hitches easy to install, they’re quality, proven products. 

Strong, robust and simple, both designs give you an incredibly smooth and quiet ride that’s unrivaled in any other 5th wheel hitch on the market today. The Rail Mount weighs in at a mere 40lbs while the Gooseneck Mount comes in at 70 lbs.  Installation is incredibly easy and it takes just one person 1—3 minutes to install or remove either unit. The Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection gives you freedom from the heavy burden and hassle of a standard 5th wheel hitch, which means you spend less time dealing with the truck hitch and more time enjoying your time outdoors.

The ball of the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection rides inside a greaseless coupler, which means you won’t have to deal with dirty hands and a greasy mess.  The coupler of the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection rides on a ball, which means it has more swivel in every direction of any 5th wheel hitch available. This also gives you the ability to couple or uncouple your trailer on uneven terrain. A remote cable has been attached to the coupler.  Because of this, you won’t need to climb into the back of your truck to disconnect the hitch from your 5th wheel trailer anymore. With nearly 3" of adjustable height, the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection is setting a new bar in the industry.

We’ve been selling pickup truck accessories since the mid-1980s.  We have a long and established history of providing quality pickup truck accessories to our clients time and time again.  Time Equipment Rental and Sales carries a complete line of pickup truck accessories to meet your every need.  From grille guards to tonneau covers and tuck hitches, our friendly and qualified experts can help you find the exact pickup truck accessories you’re looking for.  For more information on truck hitches or other pickup truck accessories, give us a call at 605-343-2360 or swing by our store.

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