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Home Improvement Projects You Can Do During the Winter Months

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Winter is coming, but that doesn’t mean that the home improvement projects have to end. Winter is a great time to get various indoor home improvement projects done so that by spring and summer, you are ready to tackle the outdoors. Time Equipment Rental is available with the tools you need to tackle all of your home improvement needs, both indoors during the winter, and outdoors during the summer.

One quick way to improve your house during the winter is insulation. This will go a long way in keeping your house warm in the winter, as well. Make sure your attic and walls are properly insulated and sealed to keep cold air out and warm air in. Check with Time Equipment Rental on available insulation blowers to help make sure your house is ready for winter.

If you’ve always hated the color of your dining room, maybe this winter is the time to repaint it. Find the color you like, clear out the furniture, lay down some plastic, and get to painting. Repainting any part of your house is a great way to spend the winter evening, especially as cabin fever starts to set in and you need something to boost your mood to get through the rest of winter. Try to plan your painting projects for a time when there is no rain or snow falling so that you can properly ventilate the house without fear of harm from the weather. Once spring and summer roll around, you’ll be ready to tackle the outside painting jobs.

While you’re painting the dining room, how about new flooring? Time Equipment Rental offers a wide range of staplers and flooring equipment to help you not only lay new laminate flooring, but also new carpeting throughout your house. If you decide to add carpet, this would be another project to do when you can properly ventilate the house to allow the toxins to escape. Adding carpet can really improve the comfort of your home, improving moods throughout the house and keeping it warmer than tile or hardwood in the winter. If you don’t plan to remove your hardwood floors, it may be a good idea to refinish them prior to winter hitting so that you can protect the wood through the wet winter months. Check with Time Equipment Rental to see what would work best for your flooring needs this winter.

Another good winter home improvement project would be to redo your drab bathroom that has been bothering you for years. Replace the bathtub, sinks, and toilet, as well as retile and fix any plumbing problems you may have. Now would also be a great time to install the new soaker tub your wife has been bugging you for. Rent a variety of plumbing tools and equipment from Time Equipment and get to installing a new bathroom that your wife will be proud to show off to her friends.

Winter may be rough in South Dakota, but a few home improvement projects can sure liven up any house and give your home a fresh new look. Check with Time Equipment Rental with questions about any home improvement projects you may have and we are sure to have the equipment that you need. Give us a call at 605-348-2360 and like us on Facebook to keep up with all of the latest offerings.

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