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How to be Eco-Conscious and Efficient about Your Lawn

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Generally, a going-green initiative is a program that works to create a culture of environmentally-based responsibility, decisions, and lifestyles.

Included in this ecologically-friendly lifestyle are not only businesses, architecture, and technology; but also eco-conscious landscaping. Incorporating eco-conscious garden design can help save energy, water and contamination. Time Equipment offers a few suggestions to create a plant and landscape design that can reduce your environmental footprint.

Use native plants to the area
Already adapted to the area, native plants are useful to add to a landscape design because they are already accustomed to the levels of rainfall, temperature and sunlight; and therefore, these plants will require less water and less maintenance than exotic plants. Native plants are naturally resistant to the pests and diseases in the area, which reduces the need for herbicides and pesticides.

Try mulching with various landscape plants or compost
Using bark, rock, yard clippings, compost, or straw around plants in your landscape design will encourage healthy trees and plants, and will increase soil moisture preservation. If you apply mulch in the spring, it will make gardening landscaping easier in the summer by cutting down on watering and maintenance, and can also help build nutrients in the soil. As a result, your trees and plants will be healthy without the use of chemicals.

Irrigate with rain barrels
Reduce storm water run-off by emptying water into rain barrels. This is an excellent eco-conscious way to cut back on municipal water usage, and serves as a chemical free water source for plants and trees. If you’re installing a sprinkler system, keep in mind Time Equipment’s vibra plows and trenchers. Easy to use and maintain, many professional contractors utilize similar machinery in their work. Make sure you call your local power company before you dig!

Aerate, till, reseed, weed, timer, and trickle hose
Going beyond simply watering your lawn can have a huge impact on the future health of the lawn. Aerating/tilling and seeding will eventually create a vastly stronger root structure. Keeping up with weed treatments will make sure your grass isn’t competing for nutrients. And using a timer attachment for your hose will save you big water bill bucks. Consider using a trickle hose as well, especially for lawn areas that are oddly-shaped or difficult to water with conventional sprinklers. Time Equipment carries a wide array of lawn machinery, including mowers, aerators, augers, over-seeders, and trimmers!


Reduce lawnmower emissions
If your lawn is large and requires a power mower, changing the oil and air filter frequently will help to emit fewer fumes from the engine.

Plant the right type of tree
Depending on the region you live in, some trees will be more beneficial to the climate, air quality, pollution, and energy costs than others in your eco-conscious landscape design. Planting evergreen trees creates a natural windbreak and living fence against cold winter winds and will reduce your heat usage. Planting shade trees will cool your home in the summer and will therefore reduce the need to turn on the air conditioning. In addition, the leaves from the shade trees can be used as eco-conscious compost for plants. Using augurs and post-hole diggers, like the ones we have at Time Equipment, are the most efficient way to landscape for new trees.

An eco-conscious garden landscape design can increase energy efficiency while minimizing lawn and garden maintenance. Start reducing your energy consumption and water usage with practices like these, and you’ll see the benefits in the years to come.

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