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Landscaping and Maintenance for Ranchers

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If you’re a rancher in South Dakota, there’s no doubt in your mind that maintaining your property can be a heck of a chore- whether it’s barn or outbuilding maintenance; fixing up the area around your house; or landscaping of your personal property such as lawns, roads, and fences. Chores like these can get lost in the background as you struggle to put up hay, rotate pastures, and care for stock. Or perhaps you’d rather spend your time building a new arena. Can’t say anybody would blame you!

Now, chances are you have a skidsteer. In fact, anyone running stock bigger than chickens probably has one. By now, you’ve already come to rely on this machine for the variety of tasks it can help accomplish beyond landscaping. But it can do a lot more. If you’re looking for more efficient machinery to help you get the job done, a yard equipment rental from Time Equipment may be just the ticket.

How do you grade your roads or rake the arena, for instance? You probably have a plow attachment for your truck or four-wheeler, and maybe one for your tractor. Also, you probably have a chainrake to drag behind the same four-wheeler. These conventional tools work just fine, but there are other options you can explore. Time Equipment rents out a skidsteer attachments such as the “Harley Rake”. 

Manufactured by SitePrep, a company known worldwide for high-quality precision excavation machinery, this attachment simply outclasses other tools at leveling, grading, rubble removal, and similar chores. This piece of machinery isn’t just well-designed by folks with experience; it’s tough and functional to boot. If you want to give the Harley Rake a spin, stop by Time Equipment and pick one up. You won’t be disappointed.

Keep in mind that in addition to skidsteer attachments, Time Equipment offers other yard equipment rentals suitable for all kinds of ranch maintenance and landscaping- augurs, trenchers, chainsaws, dump trailers, and mini excavators.

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SitePrep Demonstrates the Harley Rake:

From SitePrep’s website:

The Harley Rake is an attachment for a skidsteer. Having this attachment enables us to do a multitude of tasks that not only make the jobsite more suitable for grading preparation, but also gives us the edge when it comes to clearing building sites of rubble, rocks and debris, remove grass from established areas, spread mulch, grade and rejuvenate gravel roads, create fire breaks, level house blocks, spread and incorporate amendments, and maintain freeway batters. The list of applications is endless. For more information, visit www.siteprep.com.au.


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