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Landscaping Drainage: Keeping Excess Water Away From Your House

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Spring showers make things green, but bad landscaping drainage can turn any beautiful yard into a swamp.  Proper landscaping drainage and grading can prevent problems such as water pooling in the landscape or draining towards the foundation in areas with little rainfall.  Time Equipment Rental and Sales can help with your lawn equipment rental needs, and we’ve listed some very basic landscaping drainage problems and solutions.  Homeowners and landowners planning their own excavation activities are required to notify South Dakota 811 two working days before the planned excavation.


  • Downspouts

Downspouts can be a problem for landscaping drainage because many of them don’t have any place to drain.  If the water isn’t draining anywhere, it can collect in pools in the yard, it can run down the side of the foundation (causing water in the basement, foundation problems, etc.), and it can erode the landscaping around the house, which leaves the foundation exposed to elements other than rain.

One of the simplest solutions to this problem is using corrugated plastic tubes to direct the flow of storm water away from the property.  While this solution may seem like the simplest, there are multiple ways to handle a project like this.  Some homeowners are fine with attaching corrugated plastic piping to the ends of downspouts and redirecting them to other parts of the lawn, such as grassy swale or to an overflow area planted with water-loving plants.  

  • Basement Moisture

Sometimes your lawn or landscape may be improperly graded and cause water to flow toward your foundation.  This can cause an excess amount of moisture in your basement and, in some cases, cause your basement to flood in addition to causing mold and mildew.  Not only can these be dangerous living conditions for homeowners, they can dramatically decrease the value of the home. 

The best solution for dealing with landscaping drainage issues affecting your basement is to practice prevention.  Visit us for your lawn equipment rental needs to grade your landscape away from the house, floral beds, and your neighbor.  If a larger slope is part of the problem, an underground drainage system might be your best bet.  Depending on how high the water table is at your home, you may have to combine some landscaping solutions with a sump pump.

  • Grade changes

Some homeowners don’t consider much beyond their own yard.  As long as water is being directed away from the house, they’re happy.  The water has to go somewhere, though.  Even the nicest neighbors can accidently divert water onto your property, which can create a severe drainage issue.

If you’re planning on doing some grading to your landscape to solve your drainage issues, make sure you mention your plans to your neighbor.  They might be facing similar drainage issues in their yard.  Instead of using simple grading to fix drainage issues, some neighbors opt to share the cost of lawn equipment rentals and create an underground drainage system.


  • Corrugated Plastic Tubes

A very inexpensive option for optimal water drainage, is directing water away from downspouts.  All that’s required is connecting a piece of corrugated plastic tube—that can be buried or lay above ground—to the end of a downspout to direct water away from the home.  This is an inexpensive solution but keep in mind that debris from your gutter could eventually clog the drainage tube.  If you have problems with debris in your gutter, you may want to consider installing a catch basin.

  • French Drain

A French drain is probably the most well-known kind of outdoor drainage system and may require some lawn equipment rentals to speed up the process.  Specifics can vary on a French drain but usually the system comprises a length of perforated pipe.  The pipe is surrounded by gravel and then wrapped in a fine fabric which acts as a filter to keep mud and particles out.  Instead of dispersing the water into a landscape, a French drain directs water to a storm drain or gutter.

  • Dry Well System

A dry well is considered more environmentally friendly than a French drain.  French drains discharge water into the street carrying pollutants through the city’s main storm drainage system and into local lakes, ponds, and water systems. However, with a dry well system, water is directed to an underground storage well surrounded by gravel.  The well collects water and slowly allows the water to leach out into the subsoil, which decreases the cost of lawn maintenance and prevents pollutants from entering the streets.

Poor landscaping drainage around your home can range from being a minor inconvenience to a major problem concerning your foundation and your home’s value.  Don’t let wet spring weather soak whatever plans you have for your lawn and your house.  Get the tools you need to get the job done right and head to Time Equipment Rental and Sales for all your lawn equipment rental needs.  For more information contact us or head to Time Equipment today at 311 N. Campbell in Rapid City.

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