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New Product Lines for Pickup Truck Accessories: Truck Bumpers from Thunder Struck Truck Accessories and Hitches from Andersen Manufacturing

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At Time Equipment Rental and Sales we’ve always been proud of the quality products we carry, and our pickup truck accessories are no exception.  From grille guards to truck bumpers, tonneau covers to trailer hitches, we’ve got everything you need to get the job done right.  In the mid 1980's, our full service rental store was expanded to include the sale of pickup truck accessories like toppers and tonneau covers, running boards, and other pickup truck accessories to meet the needs of numerous rental customers that drove trucks.  Since then, we’ve expanded we’ve grown into a full pickup truck accessory and equipment dealer.

We offer a wide variety of products for pickups, SUV's and vans.  We also specialize in outfitting these vehicles for personal, commercial, or recreational use. We’re excited to announce that we’re picked up product lines for Thunder Struck Truck Accessories and Andersen Manufacturing. 

Thunder Struck Truck Accessories

Thunder Struck takes pride in manufacturing elite pickup truck accessories that are “Made in the USA.”  Thunder Struck Truck Accessories is a leading manufacturer in heavy duty grille guards, front end replacements, tuck bumpers, and other pickup truck accessories for full-size truck models. Thunder Struck has built a reputable company in bumper manufacturing with “Legendary Strength & Durability.”

Front truck bumpers are manufactured with 1 ¼” square tube rolled onto the diamond. The 90° corners on the square tube give the grill guard unmatched strength & durability. The bumper bodies are constructed from 1/8” tread or smooth plate and they mount directly to the frame of the truck using a combination of 3/8” and 1/2” steel plate. The bracket mounts on our products are adjustable, which means they’re a perfect fit every time. Front end replacements from Thunder Struck come standard with factory fog light mounts and most have repositioned tow-hook mounts for easy access.  All of the necessary mounting hardware is included, and no additional drilling or welding is required.  The experts at Time Equipment can also give you a professional install of your new Thunder Struck pickup truck accessories for your peace of mind. Thunder Struck pickup truck accessories come standard in a black powder coat; however they also offer a variety of different colors.

Andersen Manufacturing

For over 50 years, Andersen Manufacturing has been providing exceptional, quality manufacturing, and they’re still going strong.  With their 50 years of experience, Andersen Manufacturing has perfected their ability to provide the toughest and most innovative products available.  The original Rapid Hitch from Andersen Manufacturing is a revolutionary aluminum, adjustable ball mount that has taken the hitch world by storm.  No ball mount is more versatile or easier to use than the Rapid Hitch. Its adjustability allows you to tow easily and safely by keeping your trailer parallel to the ground, maintaining a more stable towing experience.

In addition to the Rapid Hitch, Andersen Manufacturing has a great line of other truck hitches.  The Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection is the lightest and most affordable way to connect your 5th wheel trailer to your tow vehicle. There are 2 versions available—the Rail Mount can be used with industry standard rails in both long- or short-bed trucks.  The Gooseneck Mount that can be used with all gooseneck hitch balls. Strong, robust and simple, both designs give you an incredibly smooth and quiet ride unrivaled in any other 5th wheel hitch on the market today.

We love our trucks at Time Equipment, and we know our customers love theirs.  That means that we carefully choose only the best manufacturers when it comes to quality pickup truck accessories.  Our professional staff is available to help you choose which pickup truck accessory is best for you and your needs.  From truck bumpers to grille guards and more, Time Equipment Rental and Sales is your pickup truck accessory location.  If you have any questions, or are looking for new pickup truck accessories, give us a call 605-348-2360 or stop on by.  For all of the latest information and deals going on at Time Equipment, Like Us on Facebook.

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