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Playing It Safe with Tented Weddings

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There’s much to think about in the months between the day of your happy engagement and those cheerful toasting words and clinging champagne glasses at the end of a perfectly planned wedding day. Perhaps ceremony and reception safety aren’t at the top of your priority list. After all, what’s the worst that could happen?

Aside from slippage on overly waxed dance floors and the potential for food poisoning from sub-par catering, safety at a wedding seems like an insignificant issue. However, if you’re planning one of those beautiful, highly popular Black Hills weddings in an outdoor location, you’ll need to rent a tent from a Rapid City rental company and consider issues of wedding tent safety. Better yet—rent your tent from a company who will take care of safety details and standards on your behalf.  

Early this year, the American Rental Association (ARA) developed a wedding tent safety document with the help of several industry leaders from party rental companies and tent manufacturers across the nation. To summarize, the committee came up with the following directives for wedding tent safety:

  • Reaffirm that tents are NOT safe shelters in emergency situations. They may protect you from unexpected precipitation—a common occurrence at the average outdoor Black Hills weddings—but tents are not a safe haven from treacherous weather situations, such as fires, floods, tornados, and severe electrical thunderstorms. In the case of emergency situations, the tent itself cannot protect against bodily harm and must be evacuated.   
  • Promote the safe use of equipment by those involved in tented events. Time Equipment Rental and Sales is a Rapid City rental company that serves clients by ensuring the safe and secure set up of rented materials. Guidelines set up by the ARA allow our staff to execute proper installation and tear-down for wedding tent safety.
  • Educate on the industry’s best practices in the event of an emergency. This applies to both the Rapid City rental company and the customer planning their tented event. For the duration of the event, Time Equipment and the ARA recommend having an on-site point person who understands the previous distinction between ‘a little rain’ and an emergency situation—he or she will also be responsible for carrying out a proper evacuation plan.
  • Improve safety and reduce injury. In the end, this is the overarching goal of the collaborative efforts of the ARA, industry leaders from party rental companies, and tent manufacturers from across the United States who gathered together to create the “Statement of Best Practices of Emergency Evacuation Planning for Tented Events.” At Time Equipment Rental and Sales, we observe all safety measures and precautions recognized by this ARA document to ensure a successful event held underneath our rented tents.

For a comprehensive list of the document’s contents, click here.

Fundamental to planning successful Black Hills weddings is preparing for worst case weather scenarios…but why stop there? Proper preparation for your big day should entail planning ahead for every type of scenario possible and knowing how to troubleshoot emergency situations. Wedding tent safety is no exclusion.

To order the ARA’s “Statement of Best Practices of Emergency Evacuation Planning for Tented Events” document, click here.

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