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Protect Your Vehicle from Deer-Related Accidents

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This time of year is always marked by a sudden mass migration of the deer populations from the thick of the forest to the open, lit-up spaces of towns, yards, and roads. It’s also signaled by a sudden increase in car-deer accidents. In the midst of their breeding season, and in need of sustenance rich in carbohydrates, this increased activity and search for specific food sources brings the deer out and about—which in turn becomes a hazard for other entities using the roads.  With the fall season well underway, motorists are urged to watch closely for deer and other wildlife on roadways.

The following suggestions are offered for motorists interested in knowing how to prevent deer crashes:

  1. Wear your seat belt.
  2. If you see one whitetail, watch for others. Whitetails are herd animals—they never travel alone.
  3. Stay alert and free of alcoholic influence while operating a vehicle.
  4. Be aware of high risk periods: car-deer collisions can happen at any time of year, but they’re more likely to occur during the spring and fall, as well as at dusk and dawn. Deer are most active between 6 and 9 PM.
  5. Observe deer crossing and speed limit signs. Signs are installed where these creatures-of-habit habitually cross.

However, sometimes these car-deer accidents happen unavoidably and all too frequently in South Dakota and the surrounding states where hunting is a favored sport and pastime. Car-deer accidents can cause severe damage to your vehicle, as well as to the passengers inside, so it’s important to take precautions to make your vehicle as safe as possible for those moments when a collision is inevitable.

Time Equipment Rental and Sales of Rapid City offers a full line of truck accessories, including grill guards, which help limit vehicle damage during an accident. The rental and sales company boasts a variety of grill guards, but a one piece steel grill guard will offer the greatest protection and prevent thousands of dollars of damage. Popular makers of this product that are offered at Time Equipment include Fab-Four, Ali Arc, Luverne, Westin, Ranch Hand, and Wade.

The advantage of buying from companies like Time Equipment is in the professional installation offered with every item sold. The safety of the customer is the utmost priority, and proper installation is paramount to ensuring protection.

Although often unavoidable, wildlife-related accidents cause many preventable deaths each year. The key to prevention is in the purchase of proper protection for the body of your vehicle. On top of observing suggested tips on how to prevent deer crashes, vigilant motorists can further vehicle and passenger security by contacting Time Equipment Rental and Sales for more information about this season’s most necessary automobile defense.

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