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Simple Lawn Mowing Tips

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Nearly everyone has a lawn they need to mow. From rural, suburban, and urban, to large, medium, and small, lawns come in all shapes and sizes. Time Equipment’s easy lawn care tips, however, are applicable to just about every property. Summer lawn care can be particularly tricky, due to lack of moisture (or overzealous mowing)! Read on to learn how a bit of preparation, planning, and awareness can keep your lawn (and wallet) greener and healthier. There’s a bit of investment here, too, but in the long run these practices can actually save you money!

Stop Killing Your Lawn

The most common lawn-killing mistakes involve blade sharpness and cutting height. Don’t fret, though; many people make these mistakes, and they’re easily remedied.

-Sharpen blades twice a year (depending on lawn size and mowing frequency). A sharp blade delivers a clean cut, and is less likely to rip grass out of the ground. This is especially important for newly-established lawns during the summer lawn care season. If you like, invest in two sets of blades: if you own two sets, you won’t have to wait to mow. Local lawn care shops can get busy during the summer!

-Set your cutting height at about 3 inches, and no lower. This might seem counter-intuitive, but 3 inches or more actually provides shade for the root system, something that’s much needed in the summer. Cutting height is, in fact, the most crucial lawn care tip besides proper watering practices (more on that in a bit). By following the 3-inch rule, you’re actually mimicking grazing behavior, and encouraging a more natural form of growth. Cut too low, and your grass might go into panic-mode in addition to drying out too often. Grass root systems mirror the length and health of their above-ground counterparts.

-Water in the early morning. While watering at night is easier, you might be encouraging fungi to take hold, as moisture will be present overnight. Watering early in the morning bypasses this risk. To make morning watering more convenient, invest in a timer that attaches to the spigot- it makes watering virtually painless! If you have a larger or inconveniently-shaped yard, consider a trickle hose (one punctured with hundreds of tiny holes). Attach the timer, set it appropriately, and lay it out in a serpentine pattern. That way, you won’t have to worry about not being able to move an oscillating sprinkler.

-Don’t over-water! Timer or no, you should only water each section for 10-20 minutes. There’s no need to increase your water bill, and lawns typically don’t need more water per day than that.

Don’t sweat if you don’t have the necessary tools for mowing lawns or clearing brush- Time Equipment has you covered. Our Honda self-propelled, bag system lawnmowers make the cut- every time. For wilder yards, we have Outback Brush Cutters to tear through dense brush, grasses and weeds up to 8 feet tall, and saplings up to 1.5 inches in diameter- all at the rate of 2/3 acre/hour! If you need something even bigger, we also have Kubota tractors, featuring 60-inch decks; and John Deere tractors with Rotary Cutter attachments.

Stay tuned! In our upcoming blogs, we’ll cover mowing efficiency, lawn investment, and lawn care safety.

Now, get out there, and keep it green!

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