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Spring Home Improvement Projects

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With spring, the days are longer, warmer, flowers are in bloom, trees find their leaves, and the feeling that you can have a fresh start is in the air.  Spring is a time for new beginnings and that may just be why so many find themselves “starting over” with new looks, different wardrobes, or with spring home improvement projects.  Time Equipment Rental and Sales is your place for the tools you need to finish your spring home improvement projects.  We have all kinds of tools no matter the spring home improvement projects you decide to do! Do you need some ideas for spring home improvement projects to revive your home and have a fresh start in your neighborhood? Look no further than our ideas for inspiration for your spring home improvement projects.

Take a Dip - Who wouldn’t want to relax in nice calm warm waters and look up at the stars? Adding a hot tub so you can unwind is a great spring home improvement project which can add value to your home and be a source of entertainment for you.

Change Up Cabinets – One top spring home improvement project is to simply change your kitchen cabinets.  Now this can mean many different avenues, depending on your budget.  You can paint your cabinets, change the doors, stain the wood, or even switch out the knobs.  Just by doing this simple spring home improvement project you can change the style or mood of your kitchen!  If you really want a change you can switch the cabinets out for new ones or even put an island in your kitchen area!  Some of the tools you need, that Time Equipment Rental and Sales offer for this project includes sanders and paint sprayers!

Mail’s Here – While this next spring home improvement project may sound simple, getting a new mailbox could make quite the difference to the outside of your home.  Whether you want a mailbox attached to your home or one that rests out in your yard, there are so many possibilities for mailboxes to show your unique personality and style. 

New Color, New Room – One way to change the style of your home or just a room, is to change the color scheme by painting the room! Make a bold statement with a bright color or go the opposite of what you already have!  The options are endless.  You can also spruce up the outside of your home by painting the siding or by just painting your front door.  The color can reflect you and can be easy to change when you want something fresh in a few years.  Time Equipment Rental and Sales also offers professional grade paint sprayers, making painting a room easy!

Build a Garden – Another fun spring home improvement project is to transform your yard and landscape with a garden! Grow whatever you like, whether it be flowers or even vegetables.   You can add to your garden and flower beds with other plants over time.  You can also use stones to create retainer walls, pathways, and more!  You creativity will allow you to create whatever you want for your landscape with the tools you need, like sod cutters, tillers, and concrete tools from Time Equipment Rental and Sales.

Spring home improvement projects can breathe new life into your home, brighten your mood, and even increase the value of your home.  There are tons of things to do when it comes to spring home improvement projects.  For many spring home improvement projects you will need many different tools.  Time Equipment Rental and Sales has the tools you need to get the job done, no matter the size or room in your home.  Time Equipment Rental and Sales offers many different tools you need like laser levels, nailers, saws, sanders, tillers, and more!  For more information on getting the tools you need or ideas for spring home improvement contact us at (605) 348-2360. 

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