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Spring Weather Calls for Spring Landscape Projects

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Once spring has officially sprung, the arrival of warmer weather indicates the perfect time to cultivate your outdoor space. You’ve been dreaming up a front and backyard wonderland through the cold, snowy months. Now, with spring and summer temps on the horizon, it’s time to start turning those imaginings into realities!

Time Equipment Rental & Sales in Rapid City has a variety of yard rental equipment to make your spring landscape projects and home improvements a breeze. From tillers and aerators, to lawn mowers, trenchers, and post-hole diggers, our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help get you on your way to outdoor perfection.


Our Rapid City equipment rental company has tillers, aerators, mowers, and power rakes to help you manicure your perfect lawn and stay competitive in a neighborhood of healthy green patches of grass. Tilling breaks up the soil, making it workable and more conducive to growing healthy blades. Lawn aerators are used in the spring in conjunction with fertilizer to give grass a boost for the growing season. If you don’t own your own, Time Equipment has various yard equipment rentals available, such as mowers and weed whackers to help you stay on top of lawn care throughout the season. We also rent power rakes for thatch removal to keep your lawn clean and clear of debris.


Planting season will be here soon, which means that it’s time to start preparing the sunniest patch of your yard for healthy produce growth and cultivation. With Time Equipments tillers, you can easily dislodge last year’s dried out garden patch, turning up the soil and getting it ready for seed. Using a tiller as a plow for the ground will make it most favorable for planting, and aeration can help control lawn thatch and reduce soil compaction. Our equipment rental service for yard projects has everything you need!


Did last year’s produce fall victim, time and time again, to native South Dakota critters looking for a meal? Keep out the birds, the bunnies, the raccoons, and the deer with a garden enclosure wrapped with a wire mesh. Time Equipment rents post-hole diggers of various auger sizes, while wiring can be picked up at any home and yard improvement store.

Looking for more good spring landscape project ideas? Try creating gravel, dirt, or asphalt pathways with our compactors, rammers, and rollers. Lay a sprinkler system with a trencher—something to simplify lawn and garden care for the hot months to come. Rent a chainsaw if it’s finally time to get rid of the unhealthy cottonwood looming in the corner of your yard. For tree removal, we have stump grinders; and for projects that call for moving a little dirt, we rent excavators.

The possibilities for improving your outdoor space with spring landscaping projects are endless. With a little help from Time Equipment Rental and Sales, they’re also easy. Spring is almost here, and it’s time to get prepared!

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Time Equipment rents an extensive collection of special event equipment that ranges from tents, to food preparation, to furniture and dance floors. The Rapid City rental and sales company is a full-service rental company that also leases equipment for landscaping, home improvement, construction work, and more. If you can’t borrow it from the neighbor, you can rent it at Time Equipment! Check out their website at http://www.timerental.biz/, or call 605-348-2360 for more information.

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