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Tips for Plowing Snow in Rural Areas

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Plowing snow, especially when there are knee high drifts, can be taxing and hard for anyone.  Trying to plow if you live in a rural community can be even harder.  Time Equipment Rental and Sales offers several different types of snow plows for many different vehicles, allowing you to snow plow no matter where you are.  Following these tips to plow in the snow when you live in a rural area will help making plowing a breeze.

Plow Tip #1

Using the right vehicle for your plow is very important, especially when plowing rural areas.  Rural areas often can have rough or uneven terrain making it hard to get to areas.  Using a snow plow on not only a truck but also an ATV or tractor are great options for rural snow plowing. These vehicles can take the uneven terrain in rural areas easily and efficiently.

Plow Tip #2

Many homes found in rural areas have long, tricky driveways or even uneven paved driveways.  Homes and businesses in rural areas sometimes will even have dirt or loose gravel as pavement.  To combat this you should always set the scrapping height for one inch higher than the surface.  This will allow for gravel to not be pushed or moved when you are plowing snow.

Plow Tip #3

Knowing your property or area is another important plow tip because you know where all of the dips, holes, or steep areas are.  You do not have to be concerned with getting stuck because you know the areas to avoid.  Before the storm strikes being prepared is the best way to handle snow in rural areas.  Since many rural areas have open spaces and lack buildings to block wind, high snow drifts can occur easily. These areas require more maintenance during the winter storm and will need to be plowed more frequently. 

Following these tips will help you when you are plowing snow in rural areas.  Rural areas often involve open spaces, gravel or dirt roads, and tricky terrain.  Knowing your property and using only the best snow plow equipment will help you plow snow no matter the circumstance. Time Equipment Rental & Sales offers top of the line snow plows and snow plow packages for any need no matter the rural area.  Time Equipment Rental & Sales provides snow plows for a variety of vehicles including pickup trucks, S.U.Vs, ATVs, UTVs, and skid steers.  For more information on personal snow plows please contact Time Equipment Rental & Sales at (605) 348-2360.


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