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Trailer Hitch Installation Tips

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Are you needing to attach a trailer to your vehicle, but having a hard time figuring how to do so properly?  No, worries!  With these easy tips from Time Equipment Rental & Sales, trailer hitch installation will be a breeze. 

Tip #1

The first trailer hitch installation tip is to make sure you have the correct hitch for your specific vehicle.  You will need to compare the make, model, and year of your vehicle to the hitch’s requirements.  While this may seem like an easy step it is often one that gets left out.

Tip #2

Bring a friend!  Grabbing a buddy to help you for your trailer hitch installation will help with efficiency but also is much safer than just working alone.  Having help from a friend will aid when you elevate the car, remove car parts that may get in your way (such as an exhaust), and make it smoother to maneuver the hitch since they tend to be quite heavy.

Tip #3

When doing your trailer hitch installation you should always wear safety glasses.  Trailer hitch installation can be quite messy with metal shavings or dirt that could drop into your eye and injure you.  You should also be sure to use hearing protection when using power tools since the noise from some tools can be very loud.  Safety should always be a priority.

Tip #4

To be able to adequately reach everything on your vehicle you will need to raise up the vehicle before you start work on your trailer hitch installation.  Start by jacking up the vehicle’s rear end.  You should never use only the jack to hold a vehicle while you are working on it.  You will need to secure the vehicle with jack stands and block the wheels to ensure safety. 

Tip #5

As you fit the hitch to the bottom of your vehicle, be sure to have steel to steel contact at all contact points between the hitch and the vehicle frame.  Having contact to a rusted vehicle frame will not work.  If you notice that your vehicle’s frame has rust, you should contact professionals like those at Time Equipment Rental & Sales, to help you with your trailer hitch installation.

Tip #6

While doing your trailer hitch installation, you should loosely install your fasteners before tightening.  By tightening the fasteners as you go, it will make it harder on the remaining fasteners.  Also, be sure that no rust is present before you do this step.  You may have to clean the existing nut and bolt or even tap it out and replace it, if it has rusted too much.


Following these five tips will make your trailer hitch installation easy. Time Equipment Rental & Sales is an authorized dealer for well-known brands such as Draw-tite and Curt.  Time Equipment Rental & Sales not only sells and installs hitches, but can also answer any questions you may have if you want to do your own trailer hitch installation.  As a Full Service store with a knowledgeable sales staff and complete warranty on products sold, we offer repair and maintenance services.  For more information or tips on trailer hitch installation contact Time Equipment Rental & Sales at (605) 348-2360.

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