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Trick Your Truck: Accessories available at Time Equipment for Hunting Season

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Hunting season is among us and for South Dakota, hunting season is a big event. From pheasants to deer, it’s important to make sure your truck is ready for everything that you may get in the field and that your truck stays clean and safe. From cleaning up the animals to hauling them properly, Time Equipment Rentals has everything you need for equipping your truck for hunting season. Check out this list of some of the essentials you may consider.

Bed Mats and Liners
It is important to protect your truck bed. After all, hunting is no clean task and the last thing you want is to get your truck bed messed up when you can protect it. With brands such as Pendaliner, Trail FX, Bedrug, and Line-X, there's a wide selection of bed mats and liners to lay down in your truck and catch the guts of your glorious kill.

Tool Boxes/Toppers
Hunting can be a very expensive hobby. Between the guns, ammo, bows, and arrows alone, the bill could easily reach the thousands. It is important to keep that equipment safe while out in the field and when not being used. This is where a tool box or a topper comes in handy. Store all of your hunting equipment in the tool box, or if you don’t want to lose space in your truck bed, get a topper with storage options and make it even easier to store your equipment. Lockable tool boxes keep your guns safe and secure, as well as safe from weather elements.  There are also a variety of toppers designed specifically for hunters and sportsmen.

Floor Mats
As you’re finding your favorite hunting spot, you will likely be getting into the back terrain of the Black Hills, and depending on the weather, could lead to lots of mud and water and snow. We all know how difficult carpet can be to clean, so keep the interior of your truck clean with floor mats so your friends don’t get your car full of mud that you will have to clean later. Floor mats offer the ease of rinsing off the dirt and grim with a hose, rather than spending hours on your hands and knees scrubbing the carpet of your truck’s interior. Husky Liners, Weather Tech, and Westin all offer a wide selection of floor mats to choose from.

Mud Flaps and Splashguards
Hunting in the Black Hills can lead you into some of the most beautiful, yet most treacherous, terrain there is to find the perfect hunting spot. It is a good idea to protect your truckbody and steps from the buildup of dirt and mud that you are likely to encounter, especially with snow possibilities, with mud flaps and splashguards. Rock Tamer, Gatorback, Dee Zee, Husky Liners, Luverne, PLastiColor, and Tow Tector all provide a great line of mud flaps and splashguards to protect your truck from getting too grimy.

There are many other ways to protect and equip your truck from the roughness of a hunting trip. Stop by Time Equipment Rentals and speak with any of our knowledgeable staff about the best and proper equipment for your truck for hunting season. You can also give us a call at 605-348-2360 or 800-371-2360 for more information. Like us on Facebook for all of the latest information you need for your rental needs.

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