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Upcycling: DIY Pallet Projects

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Upcycling is a concept that has been around for quite some time, but not until recently has it gained popularity. Upcycling is using materials in new inventive ways, instead of throwing the items or materials away. Upcycling first gained popularity during the Great Depression when people used materials they had and repurposed them for other uses to save money. Now upcycling is a great way to reuse items that may normally end up in landfills, harming the Earth.

A trend in upcycling has been do it yourself pallet projects, or DIY pallet projects. What’s a pallet, you may ask? Pallets are used wooden platforms mostly found at construction sites, factories, and warehouses. Before DIY pallet projects, pallets often would be disposed of and dumped at landfills. Now with the awesome trend of upcycling, DIY pallet projects are bringing new life to pallets and sprucing up homes in unique and rustic ways. There are so many great DIY pallet projects out there now and that help anyone practice upcycling. Interior design has never been better with the increase of upcycling projects.  Time Equipment Rental and Sales has all the tools you need for DIY pallet projects and other home improvement projects. Below is a great DIY pallet project to add some zing to your home and help you be environmentally-aware.

Vertical Pallet Planter

What you’ll Need:

  •  Pallet (with backside)
  • Roll of landscaping paper
  • Sandpaper or Sander
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Hammer and nails
  • Potting soil
  • Plants of Choice (some great choices include: Geraniums and Hostas)

What to Do:

First you will need to sand down any rough spots on your pallet.

Next double landscaping fabric and staple the fabric along the back, sides, and bottom of the pallet.  You should fold the corners so the soil will not spill out of any of the cracks.

Then place pallet flat and put potting soil into the slats, pressing the potting soil firmly.  You should leave enough room to place your plants.

Next start planting by starting at the bottom of the pallet and ending at the top of the pallet.  You may need to add more soil to ensure that the plants are secure.

Last step is easy! You should water your vertical pallet planter and keep it horizontal for 1-2 weeks.  This way your plants will be able to take root.  After this time you will be able to place it vertical!  Viola, you have the perfect addition to your garden, that was also an easy DIY pallet project! Upcycling has never been so easy with great DIY pallet projects.

Time Equipment Rental and Sales has many different tools you need for home improvement projects or other DIY pallet projects.  Some tools that Time Equipment Rental and Sales offer that you need for home improvement projects include nailers, staplers, sanders, and more!  There are many upcycling projects that can improve your home. For other great upcycling project ideas check out Time Equipment Rental and Sales Pinterest page: http://www.pinterest.com/timeequipment.  For more information on getting the tools you need for home improvement projects or landscaping projects contact Time Equipment Rental and Sales at (605) 348-2360. 


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