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Ways to Create a Compost Lawn using Organic Lawn Care

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A great way to practice organic lawn care and have lush green grass yearlong is to have a compost lawn.  Instead of adding chemicals to your lawn go the organic lawn care way, two or three times yearly, to have the best lawn in your neighborhood.  Compost, which can easily be made from scraps from your kitchen, is filled with excellent nutrients that regular fertilizers do not possess.  A compost lawn has other benefits including that it will not smell like chemical based fertilizer or manure, it will not burn your grass since it is all natural, and it does not run the risk of staining sidewalk or concrete. Following these easy steps to create a compost lawn will help you achieve excellent organic lawn care.

Use Fine-textured Compost

When creating your compost lawn, make sure to use fine-textured compost.  Fine-textured compost will be able to break down easier, resulting in faster results for your organic lawn care.  You can purchase your fine-textured compost at all home improvement stores or you can even create your own compost by saving scraps from cooking instead of tossing them into the trash.

Distribute Compost Evenly

After finding your fine-textured compost you will need to spread the compost evenly to reap the benefits of a compost lawn.  The best way to do this is by using a shovel to distribute the compost on your lawn.  Next using a rake to spread the compost will help ensure that you do not have too much compost in one spot.  You should have a ¼ inch layer of compost and after you are finished raking you should not be able to see much of the compost.  You should not smother your grass.

Water Away

Once you distribute you’re your compost, the next step with your organic lawn care is to water your compost lawn.  You should water your lawn for 15-20 minutes.  After this you should water your lawn how you normally do.

Wait to Mow

After you create your compost lawn, you should wait at least a week before you mow your lawn.  While you are regularly watering your lawn, waiting to mow allows the rich nutrients in the compost to break down efficiently. 

Creating a compost lawn and using organic lawn care tips will help you maintain a beautiful green lawn all year round.  By using organic lawn care, the grass really will be greener on the other side.  For information on lawn care or lawn care equipment contact Time Equipment with your questions or needs. The Rapid City rental and sales company is a full-service rental company that leases equipment for landscaping, home improvement, construction work, and more. If you can’t borrow it from the neighbor, you can rent it at Time Equipment! Check out their website at www.timerental.biz, or call 605-348-2360 for more information.



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