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We Now Carry A.R.E. Truck Tonneau Covers and A.R.E.’s full line of truck toppers!

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Time Equipment Rental and Sales is proud to carry a full line of A.R.E. products and truck bed accessories for your truck.  A.R.E. is the #1 brand of truck covers, caps, and truck bed accessories in the US.  Whether on the job or out for fun, we know how important it is for your truck to be equipped with the best quality truck bed accessories.  That’s why we’re happy to offer a full range of A.R.E. products.  Not only has A.R.E. received multiple awards from the industry over the years, and we’ve tested their products.  We can tell you that when it comes to great-looking, quality, and functional truck tonneau covers, A.R.E. is where it’s at!

A.R.E. is the first fiberglass truck cap manufacturer in the US to become ISO Certified.  That means A.R.E. is at the forefront of the industry in documenting practices and procedures that will lead to more consistent production processes and quality procedures.  Not only is A.R.E ISO Certified, but they offer a lifetime limited warranty and more standard features than any other manufacturer.

Truck Tonneau Covers

A.R.E.’s line of truck tonneau covers are second to none.  A.R.E. uses advanced components to create the best fitting fiberglass tonneau covers on the market. The scissor hinge technology gives each truck tonneau cover a perfect fit that can mirror the design of your truck bed. The LSX series gives you more adjustability points than any other fiberglass cover, which means it can be custom fitted to your truck bed better than any other cover available. 

A.R.E. uses the best quality for all of their products and their truck tonneau covers are a testament to that philosophy. Using fiberglass instead of plastic, A.R.E.’s truck tonneau covers provide the following benefits over plastic truck covers:

  • A repairable fiberglass surface
  • Industry-look color and locks
  • Better durability in extreme climates
  • Custom paint and full frame support
  • Height adjusters that prevent unnecessary paint wear.

A.R.E.’s truck tonneau covers look great, they offer a full range of functionality, and they can help your fuel economy.  According to studies from the Specialty Equipment Market Association’s Research and Information Center, adding a truck tonneau cover can decrease the drag your truck experiences, which increases your fuel efficiency.  Stop in today, and let’s get your truck looking great and increase its efficiency with a new truck tonneau cover from A.R.E.

Commercial Products

A.R.E. brings the same style and functionality of their truck tonneau covers to their commercial truck caps.  A.R.E.’s distinct features combine secure storage options and easy access for all of your tools.  A.R.E.’s commercial truck caps are quality-built to last the life of your truck and offer more strength and durability than any other commercial truck cap on the market.  A.R.E.’s commercial truck caps feature:

  • Oversized side and rear doors
  • Rain gutters on all doors for water management
  • Interior rope LED lighting
  • BOLT™ One-Key Technology
  • Welded-frame construction
  • Heavy-duty aluminum exterior skin.

Not only are A.R.E.’s commercial truck caps built to last, there of plenty of options to select the right customization for whatever your line of work throws at you.  A.R.E. also offers a wide variety of accessories for each of their commercial truck caps.  From ladder racks to toolbox and shelving options, LED lighting, and CargoGlide® systems, A.R.E. commercial truck caps will help you and your business store all of the tools they need to get the job done.

Tuck Bed Caps

From the everyday to the outdoors, A.R.E. truck bed caps will keep your truck bed covered in style.  Easily turn your truck bed into a space that rivals an SUV.  Made from the same quality materials as their tonneau covers, A.R.E.’s truck bed caps offer an aerodynamic design that seamlessly fits the bed of your truck while matching the OEM color exactly.  The new Overland Series™ presents a more rugged look to match the look of some of today’s tougher looking truck.  The two-tone design not only compliments the rugged look, but also serves as a coating to increase the strength of the cap in high-stress areas.

Truck Bed Accessories

In addition to their quality tonneau covers and caps, A.R.E. produces some of the finest truck bed accessories anywhere.  Increase the safety of your new cover or cap by adding custom LED lighting to your cover or cap.  A CargoGlide® bed slide is the perfect truck bed accessory for easily moving heavy equipment in and out of your bed without having to awkwardly crawl in and out of your truck bed.  The Pickup Vault offers long, lockable drawers that can easily store your smaller items without cluttering up your truck bed.  Make sure to stop by and see us for all of your truck bed accessories.

Time Equipment Rental and Sales takes pride in providing our customers with the best products in the market.  We can safely say that by providing A.R.E. products, we’re doing just that.  A.R.E. has been the recipient of numerous awards, including:

  • Handyman Club of America Award (2009)
  • General Motors "Best Utilization of a GM Truck Bed" (2007)
  • Frost & Sullivan (2004)
  • Consumer's Digest "Best Buy" Award (2000)
  • Chrysler Award of Design and Aftermarket Excellence (1999).

We’ll be happy to discuss all of our new A.R.E. truck tonneau covers and truck bed accessories with you to find the perfect look for your truck.  Visit our website, give us a call at 605.348.2360, or stop in to see our complete line of A.R.E. equipment and be sure to check out our selection of hitches, grill guards, running boards, truck steps, LED bars, bumpers, tow bars, and more!  Be sure to like us on Facebook to stay up to date on all of our products.

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