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Winter Landscaping Tips: Have the Tools You Need to Get the Job Done

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Just because it is the winter does not mean you do not need to maintain your lawn or landscaping.  Many have the false impression that just because of the cold weather and nothing to plant, that there are no landscaping essentials.  This is simply not true.   By following these winter landscaping tips, you can refresh your home and keep your lawn and other surrounding plants lush, and beat those winter blues.  Time Equipment Rental and Sales offers all the tools you need to get your home improvement projects done and makes winter landscaping easy. 

Making your yard unique and lush, can happen year long.  One great winter landscaping tip is to focus on having plants which produce berries.  Opting to have these types of plants, can bring color to your landscape no matter the season!  These plants can also provide great snacks for wildlife, such as birds.  Some great examples of plants which produce colored berries include crabapples and holly.

Another winter landscaping tip to keep in mind is to decorate your summer themed yard décor.  Many people opt for stunning planters, rustic wheelbarrows, or other touches to make their yards beautiful in the spring and summer months.  By the time winter rolls around, these planters are not filled with anything besides leftover dirt.  Instead, fill empty hanging baskets or other yard decorations with festive plants such as evergreen boughs, Japanese Andromeda,or holly.  Just remember, you will need to water these, especially during dry spells in the winter, to keep them looking their best.

Deciduous trees lose their leaves every winter, but that doesn’t mean your trees can not still bring beauty to your landscape.  One top winter landscaping tip is to plant trees with colorful bark.  Having trees with unique bark patterns, or even colors, can keep color and charm in your yard no matter the season.  Some examples of great trees with unique bark include dogwoods and birch.

Want to make the most of your yard?  Take a look around during the winter, when lush plants may seem bare, and see where you can add details to your landscaping.  Winter is a great time to find the perfect place for a new statue, bird bath, trellis, or other landscaping hardware.  This winter landscaping tip will not only add variety to your yard in the winter, but be showcased once your yard is in full bloom in the warmer months.  Also, winter is a time when many gardening supplies are on sale, so it is the perfect time to pick up a few new goodies for your landscaping projects.

The last winter landscaping tip is to plant four season perennials.  Some perennials have great evergreen foliage that simply flourish in the cold weather.  Examples of perennials that work well in the winter include dianthus and ornamental grasses.  When you purchase these plants just remember to read the package about them, to ensure the plant will have foliage year round, adding to your yard work.

Following these winter landscaping tips will enable you to keep a beautiful yard in any season and any weather! Time Equipment Rental and Sales has the tools you need for landscaping projects, all year round!  Some of the tools you need for these landscaping projects that Time Equipment Rental and Sales has includes, but is not limited to tillers, chippers, leaf blowers, trenchers, hedge trimmers, and more!  For more information on getting the tools you need for your landscaping projects contact time Equipment Rental and Sales at (605) 348-2360. 

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