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Tool Rentals and Landscaping Equipment to Get Your Lawn Ready for Spring

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Spring is officially here.  Although, in South Dakota, that might not mean much.  We’ve been known to have snow and even blizzards well into May and even into June!  However, this is still a good time to start planning this year’s landscaping project for your home.  Whatever landscaping projects you might have in store, Time Equipment Rental & Sales is here to help.  We’ve got a huge selection of tool rentals and landscaping equipment available to help you get any job done.

Lawn Aerators – Aerating your lawn every year is essential in helping to keep your lawn healthy and green.  Because you only need to aerate your lawn about twice a year (once in the spring and one in the fall) there’s really no need to purchase one of these machines.  Instead, rent this piece of landscaping equipment from Time Equipment.  You’ll keep your wallet fat and your lawn happy.

Tillers – Tillers are extremely useful and can also save you time and money.  We have a great selection of tillers to help you prepare your lawn for whatever work you’ve got planned.  Make no mistake, these handy tool rentals can be used for more than just tilling a garden.  If you’re planning on laying some sod on a particularly worn and compact piece of land, you’ll want to use landscaping equipment like a tiller to break up the ground a bit before you lay some top soil and, eventually, your sod.

Compactors – On the other hand, maybe you need a piece of landscaping equipment that pounds the ground into a flat, workable surface.  Our wide selection of tool rentals includes compactors, which come in handy if you’re planning on pouring a new concrete patio, a new driveway, or any other project that requires a flat surface.  

Trenchers – Trenchers are a handy piece of landscaping equipment that make installing a sprinkler system or a drainage system quick work.  Don’t spend hours digging out trenches by hand.  Instead, rent a trencher from us and cut the work in half.  Remember, before you start any project that requires a lot of digging, or trenching, call 811 to find out if it’s safe to do so.

Post Hole Digger – Planning on building a new fence this year?  Maybe you’re going to be adding or expanding a wooden deck.  Our selection of tool rentals includes post hole diggers, which are an essential piece of landscaping equipment you’ll need for those jobs.  Not only do they speed up the digging process, they’re easy to use.  A post hold digger makes quick work of what would normally take a few hours or even an entire day depending how big the project is.

These are just a few of the pieces of landscaping equipment we have available at Time Equipment.  We have a wide selection of tool rentals to help you get the job done right.  From the previously mentioned to chainsaws, edgers, trimmers, and more, Time Equipment Rental & Sales can help you find exactly the right tool for your project.  If you find yourself in need of landscaping equipment or other tool rentals for your spring and summer landscaping projects, give us a call at 605-348-2360 or stop on by our store.  At Time Equipment Rental & Sales, we will help you save money on the tool rentals and landscaping equipment you need to get the job done efficiently.

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