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18″ Sod Cutter

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18″ Sod Cutter
Billy Goat

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Introducing the Next Gen 18″ Hydro-Drive Sod Cutter, the epitome of ease and comfort in operation. Engineered with variable ground speeds for both forward and reverese movement, along with intuitive controls, this cutter ensures a seamless user experience.

Compeltely redesigned from scratch, this unit boasts a superstructure frame bult upon the sturdiest foundation in the industry. With an additional 50 pounds of steel, it provideds unparalled durabiltiy and support of its robust new drive and cut system.

Engine Brand: Honda GXV160
Model Number: SC181H
Displacement (cc): 163

Weight (lbs.): 395
Width (in.): 26.5
Lenth (in.): 60
Height (in.): 38.5

Cutting Width (in.): 18
Maximum Cutting Depth (in.): 2.5


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