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Landscape Rake Stone Dawg Skid Steer

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Landscape Rake Stone Dawg Skid Steer


Model Landscape Rake
Part Number 900562
Weight 1,380 lb.
Working Width 72″
Overall Height 33.91″
Quantity of Tooth Bars 12 (bolt-on)
Quantity of Teeth per Unit 504
Reversible Bolt-on Cutting Edge .625″ x 6″
Hydraulic Cylinder 3″ x 6″
Hydraulic Motor Flow Range 13-25 GPM
Skid Shoes 3-position adjustable
Construction of Teeth 7 gauge steel
Can pick up rock as small as 3/4″ and as big as 6″
Operate machine in reverse for unit to pick up material
Do not operate machine at max RPM!


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