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Steam Cleaner VaporLux Pro 5000

From $107.95 4 Hours

Daily Rate: $142.95
Weekly Rate: $570.95
Monthly Rate: $1285.95
Rates do not include tax

VaporLux 5000 PRO Commercial Series B
Available for sale: $1,200.00.
Please call one of our Rental Associates at (605)348-2360 for more details.
This steamer is great for cleaning floors, walls, bathroom partitions, upholstery, mattresses, commercial range hoods and much more.

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Power supply: 110 V-12V at handle
Power: 1700 W
Boiler capacity: 3.7 liters
Vapor pressure: 72 P.S.I. max
Vapor regulator: 72 P.S.I.
Boiler temperature: 311ยบ F
Boiler material 304 Stainless Steel
Machine housing 304 Stainless Steel
Boiler shape: cylindrical/spherical
Unit Weight: 25 lbs.(Empty)
Wiring: 12 & 14 gauge
Hose/handle: Mono block
Cart: Powder coated steel

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